Feeling desperate

by Carol Molitoris

Can you have too much progesterone? I have come off a bio-identical troche but it was prescribed from a blood test. When I did i a saliva test my levels of oestrogen and progesterone were very high ie. OE 31 --PROG--3950! I am post menopausal. My progesterone should be about 6,000 if my balance was right but these are extremely above average for my age of 51. My doctor has prescribed progesterone cream 20MG/GM but says not to start using for another 2 months. My headaches and fatigue are daily so can I use it now even though my levels are high? I Am so confused! Carol.

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Oct 19, 2007
by: Wray

Hi Carol I wouldn't worry about the levels in your saliva, rather go by your symptoms. If you have headaches and fatigue every day, I would suggest you up the dose from 20mg/day, it's not going to touch sides!

All the successful studies done on progesterone used between 100-200mg/day, some going as high as 600mg. The unsuccessful studies used between 20-40mg. 100-200mg/day equates to 3-6ml/day of a 3.3% cream. Take care Wray

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