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Below is a list of progesterone books I recommend. The first section is about progesterone exclusively. The other sections are on related health matters. Although the availabiliy of progesterone books is limited, I'll be adding to the list regularly so please bookmark this page and come back often.

Although a few good books have been written on the subject perhaps my top recommendation is The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones by Michael E. Platt, M.D.

In 1981, following the premature death of his mother from breast cancer, Dr. Platt discovered that keeping hormones in balance might be a path to wellness, a concept which was not taught in medical school. He also became aware, that if his mother had been receiving natural progesterone, she may have lived.

Progesterone books

  • Dalton, Katharina, M.D., Premenstrual Syndrome (1964) (Heinemann Medical Books, London)
  • Dalton, Katharina, M.D., The Menstrual Cycle (1969) (Penguin Books, London)
  • Dalton, Katharina, M.D., Depression After Childbirth (1989) (Oxford University Press, Oxford)
  • Dalton, Katharina, M.D., Premenstrual Syndrome and Progesterone Therapy (1984) (Heinemann Medical Books, London and Year Book Inc., Chicago). Revised 2nd edition
  • Dalton, Katharina, M.D., PMS Illustrated (1990) (Peter Andrew Publishing Co.)
  • Dalton, Katharina, M.D., PMS - The Essential Guide to Treatment Options (Thorsons, London)
  • Dalton, Katharina, M.D., Premenstrual Syndrome goes to Court (1990) (Peter Andrew Pub. Co., UK)
  • Dalton, Katharina, M.D., Once a Month (1991 ) (Fontana)
  • Kenton, Leslie, Passage to Power - Natural Menopause Revolution (1995) (Ebury Press, London)
  • Lee, John R., M.D., What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause (1996) (Warner, New York)
  • Lee, John R., M.D., Natural Progesterone: The Multiple Roles of a Remarkable Hormone (1995) (BLL Publishing, Sebastopol, CA, U.S.A.)
  • Martin, Raquel with Judi Gerstung, D.C., The Estrogen Alternative (1997) (Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont, USA)
  • Neil, Kate and Patrick Holford, Balancing Hormones Naturally (1998) (Judy Piatkus Ltd, London)
  • Owen, N, Nicola - The case that made legal history (1992) (Bantam Press)
  • Rushton, Anna and Dr. Shirley A. Bond, Natural Progesterone(1999) (Thorsons)
  • Lee, John R., M.D., David Zava, Ph.D., and Virginia Hopkins, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer (2002) (Warner Books)


  • Chaitow, Leon and Natasha Trevnev, Probiotics (1990) (Thorsons)
  • Chopra, Deepak, M.D., Perfect Health (Bantam Books, New York)
  • Colgan, Michael, M.D., Hormonal Health (1996) (Apple Publishing, Vancouver, Canada)
  • Erasmus, Udo, Fats the Heal, Fats that Kill (1993) (Alive Books, Burnaby, Canada)
  • Gaby, Alan R., M.D., Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis (1994) (Prima Publishing, Rocklin, CA)
  • Holford, Patrick, The Optimum Nutrition Bible (Judy Piatkus Ltd, London)
  • Holford, Patrick, 100% Health (Judy Piatkus Ltd, London)
  • Kenton, Leslie, The New Ultra Health (1995) (Ebury Press, Random House, London)
  • Kenton, Leslie, The New Raw Energy (1995) (Ebury Press, Random House, London)
  • Rudin, Donald, MD and Clara Felix, Omega 3 Oils (1996) (Avery)
  • Taylor, Renee, Hunza Health Secrets (1964) (Pivot Health Books, New Canaan, Connecticut, USA)
  • Braverman, Eric R., The Healing Nutrients Within (2003) (Basic Health Publications, Inc.)
  • Wolcott, L. William and Trish Fahey, The Metabolic Typing Diet (2000) (Doubleday)
  • Holford, Patrick, Optimum Nutrition for the Mind (2003) (Judy Piatkus)
  • Holford, Patrick and Dr Hyla Cass, Natural Highs (2001) (Judy Piatkus)
  • Ross, Julia, The Diet Cure (2000) (Michael Joseph)
  • Ross, Julia, The Mood Cure (2002) (Thorsons)
  • Mercola, Dr Joseph and Dr Kendra Pearsall, Sweet Deception (2006) (Thomas Nelson, Inc.)
  • Mercola, Dr Joseph and Alison Levy, The No-Grain Diet (2003) (Dutton)
  • Bland, Jeffrey S., Ph.D., Genetic Nutritioneering (1999) (Keats)
  • Rosedale, Ron, M.D., The Rosedale Diet (2004) (Harper Collins)
  • Braly, James, M.D., and Ron Hoggan, M.A., Dangerous Grains (2002) (Avery)
  • Atkins, Robert C., M.D., Atkins for Life (2003) (St Martins Press)
  • Moynihan, Ray and Alan Cassels, Selling Sickness (2005) (Allen & Unwin)


  • Cadbury, Deborah, The Feminisation of Nature (1997) (Hamish Hamilton, London, UK)
  • Chopra, Deepak, M.D., Quantum Healing (1989) (Bantam Books, New York)
  • Chopra, Deepak, M.D., Ageless Body, Timeless Mind (Bantam Books, New York)
  • Colborn, Theo, Our Stolen Future (1996) (Abacus, London, UK.)
  • Gellatley, Juliet with Tony Wardle, The Silent Ark (1996) (Thorsons, London, UK)
  • McTaggart, Lynne, What Doctors Don't Tell You (1996) (Thorsons, London, UK)
  • Northrup, Christiane, M.D., Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom (1995) (Judy Piatkus Ltd, London)
  • West, Stanley, M.D.,The Hysterectomy Hoax (1994) (Doubleday, New York)
  • Bielovich, Felicity, The Judas Window (1996) (Zoetic Inc.)
  • Oschman, James L., Energy Medicine (2000) (Churchill Livingstone)
  • Blaylock, Russell L., M.D., Excitotoxins, The Taste that Kills (1997) (Health Press)
  • Bloom, William, The Endorphin Effect (2001) (Judy Piatkus)
  • Moynihan, Ray and Alan Cassels, Selling Sickness (2005) (Nation Books)
  • Bregin, Peter, Toxic Psychiatry (1993) (Harper Collins)
  • Pert, Candace B, Ph.D., Molecules of Emotion (1999) (Touchstone)


  • Coney, Sandra, The Menopause Industry (1995) (The Women's Press, London)
  • Kenton, Leslie, Passage to Power - Natural Menopause Revolution (1995) (Ebury Press, London)
  • Lee, John R., M.D., What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause (1996) (Warner , New York)
  • Sheehy, Gail, The Silent Passage (1993) (Harper Collins Publishers, London)

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