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Wray's expertise in progesterone therapy began with her personal experiences and the trauma hormonal imbalance caused in her life. You can read her story here. As a consequence of her experiences and the revolutionary results she and her friends noticed through using progesterone, Wray immersed herself into this field of research on every level. From how to grow the yams one can use to extract the diosgenin necessary as a starting point for synthesising bio-identical progesterone, to visiting medical libraries and reading every medical paper she could find on the subject as well as countless books, to her personal correspondence with leading medical professionals in this field.

This website has its roots in the relentless efforts of a woman who dedicated her life to research, talks, radio interviews, and correspondence with medical professionals so that she could help others in hormonal distress.

Letter from Dr. Dalton dated 8th September 1998.

Wray met with Dr. Dalton in Brighton on the 26th September for her presentation and subsequently had further meetings with her in London.

Dr Dalton September 1998

Fax to Dr. Dalton dated 23rd February 1999 to initiate plans for a recorded interview.


Letter from Dr. Dalton dated 5th July 1999.

Further discussions between Wray and Dr. Dalton ensued regarding new research into bio-identical progesterone and its roles in human physiology.

Dr Dalton July 1999

Wray's letter dated 8th October 1997, following one meeting with Dr. Dalton.

Wray October 1997

Correspondence with Dr. Bond dated 3rd March 1999, discussing the interview Wray had with the doctor on the 26th March.

Dr Bond March 1999

Fax to Dr. Lee dated 19th August 1996.

Wray's opening correspondence with Dr. Lee.

Dr Lee 19 August 1996

Fax to Dr. Lee dated 20th August 1996.

Wray shared the results of the analysis of the Yam, Dioscorea Sylvatica, with Dr. Lee to further her investigation and research into growing the yams for the purpose of using them as a starting point to produce bio-identical progesterone.

Dr Lee 20 August 1996

Letter from Dr. Lee to Wray dated 21st August 1996 regarding the growing of yams for the production of medicinal hormones.

Dr Lee 21 August 1996

Response from Doctor Lee to Wray on the 21st August 1996 responding to the lab results Wray provided on the analysis of the yam, Dioscorea Sylvatica.

Dr Lee 21 August 96 _2

Letter from Wray to Dr. Lee, dated 12th September 1996 relating to the source of producers of progesterone.

Dr Lee 12 September 1996

Fax from Dr. Lee to Wray, dated 28th October 1996, discussing the details of his published works and how Wray could arrange distribution and resale of these materials.

Dr Lee 28 October 1996

Faxed letter from Wray to Dr. Lee, dated 29th October 1996 on acquiring some of his published works for resale and information dissemination.

Dr Lee 29 October 1996

Letter to Dr. Lee dated 10th December 1996 discussing the response of countless women in hormonal distress to the talks and radio interviews Wray was giving.

Dr Lee 10 December 1996_1
Dr Lee 10 December 1996_2

Letter to Dr. Lee dated 16th December 1998 relaying the progress in her research and information dissemination with regards to bio-identical progesterone as well as her meetings with Dr. Bond and Dr. Dalton, the conferences she attended and the plans to host the doctors to give talks in Southern Africa.

Dr Lee 16 December 1998

Letter to Dr. Lee dated 29th January 1999 requesting further medical reference papers and an invitation requesting him to come and speak in Southern Africa.

Dr Lee 29 January 1999

Letter to Leslie Kenton dated 26th September 1996 discussing her books and the prospect of growing yams for the production of bio-identical progesterone.

Kenton 26 Sept 1996

Response from Ms. Kenton's PA dated 8th November 1996 discussing the use of Leslie's material in Wray's talks.

Kenton 8 Nov 1996

Wray's response to Lorraine Maytum, Ms. Kenton's PA dated 29th November 1996.

Kenton 29 Nov 1996

Fax from Leslie Kenton's PA dated 31st December 1996 affirming consent to use her materials in Wray's informative talks.

Kenton 31 Dec 1996

Wray's response to Leslie Kenton dated 16th January 1997 extending an invitation to her to come and talk in Southern Africa.

Kenton 16 Jan 1997

Letter from Dr. Posen dated 3rd March 1997, a supportive doctor who advocated the use of bio-identical progesterone.

Dr Posen March 1997

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