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Search over 8,400 pages on this site... is the largest repository of information about progesterone on the web. This is the product of over 25 years of research and collation by a number of independent researchers led by Wray Whyte.

Wrays dedication to this field of research was initiated by her own personal experiences with hormonal imbalance and the trauma it caused in her life. This journey has enabled her to help thousands of others similarly affected.  The results both men and women have seen in themselves from following the meticulously researched advice and knowledge provided on this site and through personal correspondence has established her as a voice that both laymen and professionals have come to respect and trust.

Here is her story....


I'm Wray Whyte. Although my problems began at puberty they started to get really serious in 1995 when I was 47.

I remember at the age of 15 having feelings of despair and spells of almost endless crying, but with no outward reason. Luckily I was not put onto drugs or given counselling. Fortunately these feelings improved during my post adolescent years.

I had had mild PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) symptoms all my post adolescent life - mainly hunger before each period and a slight feeling of depression, but no serious illness. Although I wasn't aware of it at the time I was a victim of hypoglycaemia(low blood sugar) from puberty. In 1981, at the age of 33, I had a child. Before that I'd had five miscarriages, each occurring within the first two months of pregnancy. I was farming at the time and was exposed to many pesticides and other toxic chemicals such as DDT.

After I had had my child I suffered from post natal depression (PND). It began slowly, the first symptoms to manifest were hunger and thirst. Nothing I ate or drank helped. I gained weight. The next symptom to show was chronic fatigue. I went to bed tired and woke up tired - no amount of rest or sleep either day or night helped.

This was followed by days of muscular weakness. At times I could not move from my bed. At others I had to spend the day sitting down. Then came mood swings. I'd fly into a rage over trivial things. I would become violent and break things. Sometimes I feared for the safety of my daughter.

After about four years the symptoms started lifting, but my energy remained low. I would often feel very tired and the mood swings, although not as severe, remained. I became 'normal' again for perhaps five years but then very slowly the same symptoms I'd had during PND developed again. The feelings of depression became much more severe this time around.

By the time I was 47 I was so depressed that all I could think about was suicide. I didn't have a doctor at the time, but now realised I needed help. I was lucky enough to find one who was sympathetic to my intense dislike and mistrust of drugs. He put my symptoms down to stress.

For some time I tried various homeopathic remedies which did not work. As I was of menopausal age and having read several books on the subject I asked for an analysis to be done on my hormone levels. I was told they were normal for my age.

A year later I was no better, in fact worse, so I asked for a further analysis. At the same time I asked to see the previous report and found to my dismay, and that of my doctor, that the laboratory had not tested my blood sample for progesterone. I insisted that it was included in the second report. (It is a startling fact that although progesterone is arguably the most important hormone in the human body it is almost never tested for).

The results showed my progesterone levels were so low that, although I was still menstruating, they were indicative of someone who was post menopausal.

My doctor immediately prescribed natural progesterone therapy.

I felt its benefits after just three weeks.

Most notably the depression started lifting and I felt much calmer.

Six months later my symptoms had gone completely.

The following are just some of the 40 symptoms I suffered from during that suicidal year...
• anxiety
• bruising
• chronic fatigue
• muscular weakness
• mental confusion
• clumsiness
• cold hands and feet (all my life)
• cracked heels
• dizziness
• severe depression
• endless crying
• facial hair
• hypoglycaemia
• lack of self confidence
• short term memory loss
• loss of libido
• flaking nails
• water retention

To this day I have continued to use natural progesterone cream almost without a break. The symptoms have not returned although when I've been through a stressful situation, mild depression and bruising has recurred. This is soon remedied by applying more natural progesterone.

I was so changed that my friends noticed this and asked what had happened. On telling them I began to learn how common my own problems were in the lives of others. I then decided to look into the subject more closely and to develop a natural progesterone cream which would stand up to my own very critical environmental views.

The subsequent years of research have revealed to me a widespread ignorance about progesterone despite the vital role it plays in the health and lives of us all.

Over a hundred symptoms and conditions of ill health (some severe, some mild) are known to respond positively to natural progesterone therapy.

Because it has helped me (and so many others whom I have told about it) in so many ways I decided to use the internet to try to reach more sufferers than I have so far been able to by giving "one on one" or "one on a hundred" talks.

And that is how you now come to be reading this.

I am not a doctor or a medical professional. But, like you, I do have a greater knowledge of my own health experiences than anyone else. Like you, I was a victim.

Natural progesterone gave me back my life and I now think of it as my personal protection from a poisoned environment.

Thank you for reading."

Organic Products LLC is a privately held US based company that is an international supplier of a limited range of complimentary health care products including a progesterone cream called Natpro.

These products are used by thousands of people the world over who have benefitted from the relief they provide to a number of health problems, most off which are the product of 'modern living'.

Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, Organic Products LLC has been operational since 1997. Its growing customer base is largely driven by positive word-of-mouth through its customers and associates.

Organic Products LLC
3500 South DuPont Hwy
Suite 300
Dover De 19901
Tel. 302 5044188

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