The Miracle of Bioidentical Hormones by Dr. Michael Platt

by Diane Adams
(Brea, Ca)

He is a huge proponent of BIOIDENTICAL hormones, in particular progesterone cream. He has decades experience treating women and men. In the book, he describes his deep concern over RXing pts with estrogen, in particular Estrodial. His book has changed my life for the much better. He also doses the progesterone properly, 100 to 200mg, not those ridiculously low doses that other physicians start their pts on. An absolute must read.

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Sep 23, 2014
Dr. Platt
by: Chloe

I loved his book too! He shares a lot of the same views as Dr. Jonathan Wright, except Dr. Platt will use progesterone for a wider range of Dx's. It also scares me that the cures are known but are covered up so badly, all for capitalism. We need more doctors like these and others alike to keep speaking up.

Sep 24, 2014
Dr Platt
by: Diane

Hi Chloe~
I so agree with you! It's frustrating that so few doctors truly understand and treat to the root of the symptoms rather than just treat the symptoms and as a result RX many drugs.
I share Dr Platt's protocol every chance I get and also steer them toward his book and this website.
I've become a new person since being on Bio P. I was experiencing wicked insomnia and horrid PMS leutal phase to period and now I sleep well and am balanced in mood. My family has certainly noticed. My only problem lately is I'm having freezer burn headaches lately when on the bio P cream. I'm not sure why... Wray thinks it may be Oestrogen dominance. Dr Platt has shared it may be an adrenaline issue. My Vit D level I'd 72, and I eat very clean. I'm going to increase application of P and see if that helps.
Take care.

Sep 28, 2014
by: Chloe

We are fortunate to know the truth. Progesterone is working some of it's magic, I am only on it for a short time though.

When I realized how may women's lives were taken, after I read the results from the Million Women's testing? I cant recall the correct name, it was not a book. It was the results of a very long study on women and synthetic hormones. You may already know the sad results. The gig was up, synthetic hormones like Premarin and others proved to be the cause of thousands of women's premature deaths.

Then I read Dr. Platt's book, followed by Dr. wright's book. And so much more on the internet. It hit me so hard that I don't want to practice nursing the way I have been for the last 15 years. I know now I want to be in holistics, I will never be a pusher for Big Pharma again.

You mentioned you have Dr. Platt's protocol, I saw it online for a heavy price, but I really wanted it. Would you be willing to e-mail or mail a copy? In return I can mail Dr. Wright's book if you haven't read it yet. Did I just barter on a hormone site!? yikes, hope to hear back soon.

Oct 02, 2014
Michael a Platt, MD
by: Diane

Hi Chloe ~
I can only wish I had Dr. Platt's protocol manual. It is I think a few thousand and really written for Doctors. But I would love to have iton my book shelf and to read how he treats so many conditions.
I have his book only which I refer to often and have recommended to so many.
Thanks for the tip about Johnathan Wright. I just want to read as much as I possibly can.
I hope all is well.

Oct 03, 2014
Dr. Platt
by: Chloe

I totally misunderstood then, I'm sorry. Thanks for replying though. You can still read the other on Kindle, Amazon has it. But as I mentioned earier, his focus remains in women's issues. That's great don't get me wrong, as you know Dr. Platt's wide range of uses for progesterone is really what drew me in.

Apr 23, 2015
Progesterone Increase
by: Christine

You made the following comment in a previous post "My only problem lately is I'm having freezer burn headaches lately when on the bio P cream. I'm not sure why... Wray thinks it may be Oestrogen dominance. Dr Platt has shared it may be an adrenaline issue."

You then mentioned you were going to increase your progesterone. Did you increase it? If so by how much?

Also, if someone take 400-500 mgs a day, how is that broken up in within a day?


Apr 24, 2015
by: Diane

Hi Christine~
My symptoms of freezer burn headaches are definitely improved. Ive increased my dose to an average 300mg P split three times a day. Dr Platt suggested I increase my leafy greens consumption, minimize simple carbs and sugars, and consume coconut oil through the day. Believe it or not but I put a heaping teaspoon in my coffee with a little half and half and it tastes really good. Other times, I use it as a spread on my Ezekiel toast for breakfast or snack through the day. Dr Platt's theory is that sugar (feul) is not getting to the brain sufficiently, therefore eating leafy greens and healthy fats will help with that. Also, eat a good snack (ie heaping tsp of almond butter) within 3 minutes of applying progesterone. Regardless of dose of P divide the dose by three or four times a day making sure to eat something with healthy fat. I use P morning noon and night at 100mg per dose equaling 300mg daily. I realistically find it hard to remember more than 3 times daily. If you want more specific inofrmation on Dr Platts protocol, let me know. Read his book. It is so informative.

Jan 24, 2016
Question for "Headaches by Diane"
by: Christina

Hi Diane.. I'm about to start the progesterone cream routine and I'm excited! But do you get sleep when applying the cream? I certainly don't want to get sleepy during the day! Please advise as I know I'm going to have to do at least 300 mg per day or even more for my hot flashes. Thanks so much for your response.

Jan 24, 2016
Question for "Headaches by Diane"
by: Joy

Hi Christina

Progesterone therapy can make one sleepy in the beginning, you need to give your body time to adjust. Please use nothing less than twice a day as explained on How to Use Progesterone Cream, it can of course be used many times during the day to, you will need to experiment. Please also be aware of Estrogen Dominance symptoms which you will probably experience, or at least a few of the symptoms, It may even make your Headaches worse in the beginning, For hot flushes, nothing less than 400-500mg per day is needed for about 4-6 days, longer if you have excess estrogen.

What is your Vitamin D3? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to every functioning cell in our body.
I must also query as to way Dr Platt's info and book is being pumped on this site, this is Wray Whyte's website and all the info that is needed you can found right here!

Take care.

Jan 24, 2016
Progesterone Dose
by: Diane

Firstly, I found Dr Platt's book recommendation on this website nearly two years ago. I refer to him as many other doctors/authors are on this website such as Dalton.. So don't quite understand the "pumping" reference. If Natpro is out of stock, clearly women need another option to get their progesterone cream they don't go many days/weeks without, and Dr Platt offers a great Progesterone cream as well.

Christina, i am really glad you are going to start progesterone therapy. You asked how do I dose the P, I use 300mg daily. 100mg am, 100mg early afternoon and 100mg before bed.
I found using 3 times a day keeps a steady dose going around the clock.. Do read the Estrogen dominance page before you start. Also, I still hot flash, but not as bad on 300mg. I wish you well, and absolutely keep us posted.

Jan 25, 2016
I agree!
by: Linda

I agree. Whilst Progesterone Therapy is a website that benefits all, it is Wray Whyte's website not Dr Platt's, doesn't he have his own website and forum?

With all the valuable information provided by Wray on her website, plus all the back up study papers, I have never felt the need to buy a book, all the information is right here!

Jan 25, 2016
Question for "Headaches by Diane"
by: Wray

Hi Linda Bless you!! Take care Wray

Jan 25, 2016
Truly astounded
by: Diane

Below is the following found on THIS website under recommended readings.. It is truly flabergasting that people here are offended if a reference is made about an author and a book FOUND and RECOMMENDED on this website and to share it with other readers who are desperate for help. Truly astounded.

Progesterone books

Below is a list of progesterone books I recommend. The first section is about progesterone exclusively. The other sections are on related health matters. Although the availabiliy of progesterone books is limited, I'll be adding to the list regularly so please bookmark this page and come back often.

Although a few good books have been written on the subject perhaps my top recommendation is The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones by Michael E. Platt, M.D.

In 1981, following the premature death of his mother from breast cancer, Dr. Platt discovered that keeping hormones in balance might be a path to wellness, a concept which was not taught in medical school. He also became aware, that if his mother had been receiving natural progesterone, she may have lived.

Progesterone books

Apr 28, 2017
Dr. Platt and the Platt Protocol
by: Steve

I don't understand the "pumping" statement either, Dr. Platt is mention a multitude of times by this site, and he is one of the leaders in the field of HRT. His honesty and availability are unprecedented.

I've seen several references in this thread to the Platt Protocol, it is available on the plattwellness site.

Dec 03, 2022
High blood pressure( adrenal fatigue cause )
by: Sharon

I have now started Dr.Platts Progesterone therapy to lower my blood pressure. I would like to know how many times a day should I do as I think it is caused by my Adrenals. I am taking Dr. Platte Pro 5%.
Thank you


Dec 05, 2022
High blood pressure( adrenal fatigue cause )
by: Joy

Hi Sharon

Great decision going the natural route rather than HRT.

Progesterone should be used no less than twice a day, morning and again at night. You might like to contact Dr Platt directly to discuss with him. Natpro progesterone cream is based on a 3% cream which was formulated over 30 years ago now.

Do some research on the Adrenal Fatigue Cocktail. It is excellent for adrenals.

All he best.

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