Taking out Mirena IUD due to hairloss

by Starr
(Milton, ON, Canada)

I have PCOS and have had the Mirena IUD in since March 2009. I have been very sensitive to the progestin in it causing me to have extreme mood swings, depression, anxiety and hair loss. I have decided to have it removed ASAP and I have ordered Natpro as well.

Once I start the Natpro, how much should I use and will it help my hair return too? I am trying desperately to lose weight, but the only time it happens is when I"m pregnant which I can only assume is due to my higher progesterone levels.

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Nov 03, 2009
Taking out Mirena IUD due to hairloss
by: Wray

Hi Starr. I'm relieved you are having it removed, please see this web page on OC's.

The progestin is stopping all ovarian function, which means you are not making any progesterone. It's no wonder you have all those symptoms. Progesterone can help hair growth return, as it suppresses excess androgens which are one of the causes, the others are stress and insulin resistance. Progesterone is thermogenic, ie it speeds up metabolism slightly, but it sounds as if you have insulin resistance. The pill causes insulin resistance, which in turn causes us to put on weight, you might like to look at this page.

An initial dose of 200mg/day progesterone should be used, once the problem has resolved the dose can be reduced to the optimum level. And the following supplements should be taken: 2000-4000mg/day of the B vitamin inositol, this is often called the anti-alopecia vitamin. And 1000-2000mg/day of the amino acid N-acetyl cysteine. The hair, nails and skin contain about 14% cysteine, it makes the difference between whether these are healthy and strong or weak. Cysteine is also a powerful antioxidant, it protects cells internally from free radical damage and the resultant inflammation. Take care, Wray

Jun 23, 2010
Did Increase in Dosage Help HairLoss?
by: Amanda Lynn

Dear Starr, I was wondering if after taking the 200mg of Progesterone cream your hair loss stopped? I just began the cream a few weeks ago, but it made my hair loss worse. However, my dosage is only 20mg daily per pump. 200mg would be 10 pumps per day! Please let me know if you have time. I would really appreciate it! In Christ.

Jun 25, 2010
Taking out Mirena IUD due to hairloss
by: Wray

Hi Amanda Lynn I'm not sure if Starr will see this, as from correspondence I've had with her, she's now pregnant! She was using 200mg/day and it brought her periods back. She had three normal cycles after having the Mirena removed and before falling pregnant. She made no mention about hair loss, so I imagine she wasn't having problems with it. 20mg/day won't do much for you! It will just keep you in a state of permanent oestrogen dominance. For more info on this please see our web page on Oestrogen Dominance. This is the reason you are still having hair loss. Most pregnant women find they have beautiful thick hair, because progesterone rises to over 400mg/day in the third trimester of pregnancy, which is why I suggest at least 100-200mg/day. Take care Wray

Feb 15, 2011
Could progesterone in Mirena cause weight gain?
by: M from Texas

I'm 45 and have not yet entered perimenopause. A week and a half ago, I had a Mirena IUD inserted. I'd had one before but it was in for the 7th year and I think the progesterone had stopped releasing (perhaps). After the insertion of my new Mirena, I had standard spotting which went away. However, in the last week I've suddenly gained 7 pounds which is a lot for me (I'm a bit over 5' 7" and usually weigh 122). I'm noticing it in my stomach area which is usually flat and firm but is rapidly getting flabby (in a week!). It all happened suddenly. In addition, my face is puffy, making me feel quite unattractive. My husband said he noticed my face changing before I ever brought it up (he didn't say anything until I did). To counteract the weight gain and what seems like water retention in my face, I've cut my calories way back and am drinking lots of water and also some green tea. I'm continuing to exercise. No luck so far.

Could this be a result of the progesterone? Can the Mirena result in oestrogen dominance? And if so, will this last? Or will it subside? Do you know what levels of progesterone the Mirena releases? This seeming side effect surprised me since I already had a Mirena, but again, it may not have been releasing hormones anymore.

Any advice you can provide would be most welcome. The Mirena was quite expensive, but I'm not at all happy with the current state of things.

Thank you!!

Feb 25, 2011
Could progesterone in Mirena cause weight gain?
by: Wray

Hi M Unfortunately the Mirena doesn't contain progesterone, I would recommend it if it did! But I'm very against it, as I'm against all Contraceptives. The Mirena contains a synthetic progestin, levonorgestrel, see here. I take it you didn't react to the previous IUD, only to this one? I can only assume it's because you're 7 years older now. Levonorgestrel lowers progesterone production, see here. Progesterone has many beneficial side effects, see here. Cutting calories and drinking lots of water is not going to help. Levonorgestrel is derived from testosterone, so has androgenic properties, it also causes a 50% reduction of SHBG. With less SHBG available, both testosterone and oestrogen increase, see here. (Scroll down to the second link, Classification and pharmacology of progestins, to see the full pdf article). Testosterone has now been discovered to have a dark side in women, see here, here, here here, here and here. If you continue with the Mirena, using progesterone too would add a protective effect. But there is one safe contraceptive, the copper T IUD, info on the link I've given. And for more info on How to use progesterone, please read through this page. Take care Wray

Apr 02, 2011
getting my mirena out asap!
by: Anonymous

I'm 30 and have had the mirena for a year now and have lost over half my hair!had no idea till now that they were connected, my doctor has been giving me b12 shots for months but never helped ,wow why didnt i know that this was a symptom? and will it grow back after its removed?i want it out as soon as possible!!!

Apr 20, 2011
getting my mirena out asap!
by: Wray

Hi there Yes the Mirena does have some unpleasant side effects. As do all Contraceptives. The only safe one is the copper T IUD. Your hair should grow back, I've not heard it doesn't. Contraceptives stop ovarian production of progesterone, but progesterone does help hair growth. As evidenced by the many thousands of women who have lovely hair when pregnant. If you should consider using it, please see this page we have on How to use progesterone. Please also consider taking 2000mg/day N-acetyl cysteine, 2000mg/day inositol, 5000iu's/day vitamin D,2-3mg/day biotin and 100mg/day thiamine (B1). All these help hair to grow. Take care Wray

Jun 14, 2011
I'm 25 and rapidly losing my hair!! :(
by: Easley

I'm 25 and losing my hair at an alarming rate. I had the Mirena IUD placed in August of 2010 after having a baby in July. I lost hair in the fall of 2010. but my OB said it was Postpartum hairloss. it has been falling out really fast and I can see my scalp really well throughout my hair. It was first just a receding hairline and has now moved to my entire head. I "Googled" it and seems I'm not the only one experiencing this with the Mirena. I dont know FOR SURE if it is the Mirena ( i love it as a form of birth control and would be a LITTLE sad to remove it- I thought it was so low in hormones that it wasn't supposed to "mess with my bodily functions" which is why i chose it)My OB tells me it is NOT the Mirena and I dont know if I should second guess her? I think it might be causeing other side effects: Irritability, sleepiness, head aches, and crampyness. I have also had more UTI's recently. Could all of this just be stress related from having a very young child, 4 year old, and going to college, along with Marrital problems? I should also mention I started taking Adipex for weight loss. I haven't had any major weight loss, though, and was experiencing hairloss before. I dont believe it is the problem, but maybe? HELP!

Aug 21, 2011
Getting back on track post Mirena
by: Anonymous

My general care doctor has prescribed me a regimen of Birth control pills and Nioxin shampoo to try to get me straightened out after I had Mirena for 5 Weeks and experienced more and more hair loss after 2 - 3 weeks (had no idea it might happen). Will this help my hormones get straightened back out? I only had Mirena 5 weeks, have jad it out abou 1.5 weeks and am still experiencing serious hair loss. It comes out in hand fulls when I wash, so I only wash it every 3 - 4 days now.

Will this change on its own, or will the birth control regiman help me? Or should I try Progesterone Cream too? Wray sounds knowledgable, so in my desperation for a change in my hair loss, I am hoping for some encouragemnt.

Oct 06, 2011
mirena hair loss
by: Dani

I have had Mirena for 3 years and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I had a copper IUD which my doctor assured me was safe and had nothing but problems. I had a cycle that lasted a month, and was so heavy I needed to take Iron pills because I became very anemic. I had the copper IUD removed and got the Mirena. Since I have had only random spotting and no other side effects until I color my hair. That is when I notice the hair loss, my dermatologist says its stress, but i am not stressed. I colored my hair and noticed a quarter sized spot that was bald. I figured it was a reaction to the new hair color brand I used. Not thinking anything of it I bought my usual brand and colored again, I found another quarter sized spot, DAYS after. I went to dermatologist who was not worried and assured me it would grow right back. I just needed to get corticosteriod shot in the spots to decrease inflammation. After 4 treatments (10 weeks) I had hair growth and have continued to grow hair back. I have not colored hair for a year and a half until this past week. I decided to try agian with a professional color. That was on friday, sunday I found a new spot. I have colord my hair for 10 years regularly and have gone from light to dark and back with no issues. The ONLY thing i can think of is that this could be related to my IUD since prior to it Ive colored with no issues. I have another appt in a few weeks to start treatment again. I cannot use copper IUD, i have been on every brand and generic bc pill, rings, patches, and i WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT get the depo shot. What is left? I still have break through bleeding, ovulation, and crippling cramps when on pills and my md will NOT prescribe anymore. I am 29 and Im stuck.. HELP please I do not want to get rid of the mirena if i dont have to. right now i am done coloring my hair until i can find a way to color it and not lose hair but im guessing it is color it or bc, im gona have to choose.

Nov 05, 2011
Remove Mirena!
by: Boo Mirena :(

I got the Mirena in July 2011. My doctor thought it would be a great birth control for me. A month after I received the IUD, I started losing hair. I have thick hair so at first it wasn't noticeable. But after washing or combing, it was coming out in handfuls. I had just started taking GNC hair, skin, and nails pills plus a multi vitamin so wasn't sure if those could be the cause, although they should make my hair grow! Finally a week ago, I google Mirena + hair loss... Immediately, 1000's of responses came up from people experiencing this with Mirena. I was shocked because this was never listed in my pamphlet or paper I signed! Some even developed alopecia. Since I couldn't get in with my doctor to have it removed, I called a planned parenthood. It was super cheap and the doctor even commented on hearing about hair loss with Mirena.

My hair is still falling out but I'm hoping it will slow down since I had the mirena removed. I'm not sure what birth control to try because now I'm mortified of hair loss! A lot of doctors won't link hair loss to Mirena but it has to be that! I'm young, fit, and had no health issues before getting the IUD. If any of you have any ideas for growing hair back besides the Hair pills, please let me know!

Nov 27, 2011
Taking out Mirena IUD due to hairloss
by: Wray

Hi everyone I do apologise about missing all these posts, I've no idea how. As your queries are all so similar, please scroll to my answer on the 25th Feb…..
Could progesterone in Mirena cause weight gain?
I mention that levonorgestrel is derived from testosterone, but more important it causes a reduction in SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) of 50%. This sharp reduction allows testosterone to rise, this is why you all started loosing hair. Testosterone causes scalp hair loss, facial hair, oily skin and acne. Many women are given it when going through Peri-menopause, or in Menopause. But it should never be given to a woman, as you can see from the papers I gave on the 25th Feb. The copper T IUD can cause bleeding to be heavier, it did with me. But not so heavy it was a nuisance, as in Dani's case. It's the only non drug based Contraceptive that is effective. If any of you should try it and find bleeding very heavy, I suggest you try using 400mg/day progesterone for 2-3 months, during your luteal phase only, which should stop it. We have more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. Progesterone does help hair grow, as evidenced by pregnant women. The following supplements can help too…
Vitamin D 5000iu's/day as a minimum
Inositol 2000-4000mg/day
NAC 1000-2000mg/day
Biotin 2-3mg
Thiamine 100mg/day
Take care Wray

Dec 26, 2011
Thank you for the light
by: Anonymous

I too went on the IUD this past summer. I started noticing hair thinning about a month later and asked my hair dresser and she said she didn't see too much of a problem. Within three months it was coming out at alarming rates in the shower. I started googling hair loss and vitamin difficiencies and Mirena started popping up all over the net. I NEVER would have made the connection as I NEVER knew it was a possiblity. I didn't love the thing in me anyway so I made an appointment and had it taken out last week. I have now been searching for some inspiration that the hair loss will stop eventually and even better maybe grow back . My thick hair was one of my 'assets' and am feeling very depressed about how it looks. I'm so glad for the posts by so many women. It not only shed the light on what my problem could be but gave me comfort in knowing I wasn't nuts! I know everyone is different, but anyone out there see any turn around after taking it out ? and if so how long did it take?

Dec 29, 2011
Original poster here
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone,
Since I posted this in 2009 I did have my Mirena removed And continued to use the progesterone cream until June 2010 when I did find out I was miraculously pregnant. All of my hair has since grown back and I haven't had any more problems with it. I am so thankful for Natpro as not only do I have my beautiful third baby, but I strongly believe it helped me to sustain the pregnancy to the second trimester. In previous pregnancies I needed progesterone suppositories to help prevent miscarriage. Since I didn't know I was pregnant until 13 weeks I believe the Natpro helped me maintain the pregnancy.

Jan 02, 2012
Thank you for the light
by: Wray

Hi there It's difficult to give a time frame on how long after the Mirena is taken out that you'll feel better. Some respond quickly, others take longer. The hair will grow back, but of course it only grows 1cm or slightly more each month. Please consider taking the nutrients I suggested above, and you might consider progesterone too. Contraceptives drop progesterone levels as they stop ovarian function. Part of the adverse symptoms women experience when using them is because of this drop. We do have more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. But before considering it, please read the page on Oestrogen Dominance. It's essential to use enough progesterone to overcome this effect. And no you are not nuts! Too many women are brushed aside with 'it's all in your mind' or 'you're eating too much' if they put on weight after starting the contraceptive. Oestradiol causes water retention and weight gain, many progestins in the pill/IUD's are synthesised from testosterone, and of course have androgenic effects. Take care Wray

Jan 03, 2012
Original poster here
by: Wray

Hi Starr (if it is you!) I'm so delighted you have told us this, and after 2 years too! And that you had an uncomplicated pregnancy followed by a baby. Being on the progesterone before conception couldn't have been better either, too many women are only given it once pregnant. And can then suffer Oestrogen Dominance while pregnant. The progesterone would have stopped any morning sickness too, so it doesn't surprise me you had no idea you were pregnant. Take care Wray

Jan 09, 2012
No More Mirena
by: teresa

I have been on the Mirena implant for only a few months I have gained weight and have been unusually depressed and stressed and I have been losing my hair which I mentioned to my doctor and he dismissed it as menopause. I am 44 years old with three beautiful children so I am not planning on having anymore children I was on depo shots for 17 years off and on mostly on because I love not having periods so when I found out that depo causes bone loss I chose to get the Mirena because less depo and still no periods. I read all the side effects but didn't know I was going to lose so much hair and I have always had so much hair it was hard to notice when I first started losing it it is still not too noticeable to others but to me I have lost over half my hair. Like I said I told my doctor but he told me it was possibly menopause but now I am continuing to lose hair so I decided to look it up online and it took me awhile to find this site as soon as I did, I called doctor and said I want this thing out of me so I am going to remove it tomorrow does anyone have any suggestions as to what i should do to get my hair back? I am so scared right now that this may be permanent or take years to get my hair back?

Jan 11, 2012
Reply to Teresa
by: Starr

Hi Teresa. I'm the original poster who had major problems on the Mirena. I suffered from severe depression and extreme anger problems as well as the hair loss. It stopped almost immediately once I had it removed. I am now a couple of years out from my ordeal and my hair reGrowth returned to normal immediately. It just took as long as it takes hair to grow to look full again but not years. And it did stop falling out right away.
Good luck to you.

Jan 12, 2012
Mirena Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

Thanks Starr for posting this comment. I had my Mirena removed after 4 months in November 2011. During those 4 months, I lost over 50% of my hair and couldn't figure out why until I researched Mirena hair loss. I am still losing my hair and wondering will it ever stop. Thanks for letting me know it would grow back, however it would take time. I hate that it's still falling out. I did go back on the pill (ortho tricyclin generic pill called Tri-Sprintec) but I'm hoping it's more hair friendly. Thanks for your comments because they really give me hope!

Jan 14, 2012
No More Mirena
by: Wray

Hi Teresa All drug based Contraceptives have the potential to cause harm. If you read the first comment on this page and then Starr's next comment 'Original poster here', you'll notice after she had the Mirena out, her hair grew back. She also used progesterone, which does help hair growth. I would also suggest you try the following supplements too…
Vitamin D 5000iu's/day as a minimum
Inositol 2000-4000mg/day
NAC 1000-2000mg/day
Biotin 2-3mg
Thiamine 100mg/day

Vitamin D is vital for the anagen phase of hair growth. The other nutrients all help in preventing hair loss, and helping growth. Take care Wray

Feb 02, 2012
Another Unhappy Mirena User
by: 1st Time Mom

I am 37yrs old and have been on birth control since my teens. The Pill was my primary birth control method. But, after I had my son, I decided to give the pill a break and try the IUD. What a bad idea! I noticed almost immediately that my hair started shedding. I've done my own hair since H.S. So, I know what's normal where my hair is concerned. I tried to give it some time assuming my body needed to get used to the new hormones. Well, after 3.5 months later, I couldn't take it anymore. My hair has gotten so weak and thin. My fiance, friends, family and coworkers have commented on the difference in my hair. It has been a very traumatic experience because I've always taken great pride in my hair. I've only had the IUD out for a couple of weeks. So, there still is some shedding. My OBGYN told me that she had another patient who had the same issue and that her hair loss stopped once the IUD was removed. So, I'm looking forward to the day when my sink has only a few hairs in it and not a handful. In the meantime, I'm hoping to help prevent this from happening to more women. If your hair starts thinning, don't wait. Get the IUD out immediately and try something else.

Feb 02, 2012
Another Unhappy Mirena User
by: Wray

Hi there Thanks for posting this, too many women are given the Mirena without knowing the adverse side effects. I'm surprised your obgyn didn't warn you. So please spread the word to other potential users. You might consider taking the nutrients I've given above. Take care Wray

Feb 19, 2012
Can I Keep The Mirena Iud If I Use Progesterone Cream?
by: Summer

I had the Mirena Iud installed 4 days ago, and I'm starting to notice some hair loss. Of course it's not that noticeable yet, however I can certainly tell that more is falling out than before. I have also developed a rash on my ankles and arms, but I'm not sure whether this is due to the Mirena, or due to a new indoor tanning product I used recently. I knew hair loss could be a potential side effect at the time. I guess I thought that it would fade after the 3-6 month adjustment period, but after coming across this website I realize I was wrong. I am honestly leading towards having the Mirena removed and having the copper Iud installed, however if I could keep my Mirena that would be great (I already have very light periods so I think they will probably be reduced to almost nothing with the Mirena). So if I use the progesterone cream as recommended by this website, could that cease my problems with hair loss and allow me to keep my Iud? Have there been many cases of people with the Mirena using progesterone cream and effectively stopping their hair loss?

Feb 21, 2012
Can I Keep The Mirena Iud If I Use Progesterone Cream?
by: Wray

Hi Summer All drug based Contraceptives have the potential to harm, including the Mirena. If you scroll down the page you'll see info on how it has androgenic properties, how it reduces your natural progesterone levels, and of course the hair loss. You'll also see a list of nutrients I suggest for hair loss, it would be advisable to take those too. Yes you can use progesterone with it, but you will probably need higher amounts than most women need. I recommend 100-200mg/day, I would suggest you start on the 200mg/day and see how you get on. I don't know if anyone has had success with using the Mirena and progesterone, as the women writing on this site have had theirs out. If you do decide to keep it and find the progesterone helps, please let us all know. We have more info on it's use on our page How to use progesterone cream. Please see our page on Oestrogen Dominance before you start the progesterone. Take care Wray

Jul 15, 2012
Another victim
by: Christine

How do you apply the progesterone cream? Do you just apply to entire scalp with parts if you don't have a bald spot? I just have generalized excessive shedding. It's been problematic since I started taking birth control at age 16. I've been on and off since then but have been using Mirena for a year. I've had shedding forever but I'm thinking the Mirena doesn't help. I want to start the progesterone cream but confused about how to apply if I have generalized shedding.

Jul 17, 2012
Another victim
by: Wray

Hi Christine Progesterone travels rapidly around the body, so it's not entirely necessary to rub it on the scalp. A few studies done with men used it there. Interestingly the hair follicles absorb progesterone well, see here. I suggest you apply it on your body first, and if that doesn't help, you can try it on your head. We have more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. Please consider taking the nutrients suggested on our Hair Loss page. The progestin in the mirena is androgenic, so increases hair loss, plus it suppresses progesterone. If you decide to keep the mirena in you will probably have to use more than normal, about 200mg/day. Take care Wray

Jan 26, 2013
Hair falling out
by: Anonymous

I have had the Mirena in for 4 years now. I noticee that I had a bald spot on my head but little hairs were growing so I did not think much about it. I recently notice that one of my eyebrows started to lose its hair and that the bald spot on my head started to grow white hairs. I only have them on that spot on my head. I have also noticed that I am getting white pubic hairs. I am going to get the Mirena taken out. I was wondering will my hair turn back to normal and will the white hairs go away? I believe that the mirena caused them to go white because they are the hairs that are growing out of the bald spot. Can someone give me some info please

Jan 28, 2013
Hair falling out
by: Wray

Hi there I'm relieved you're having it out. The Mirena does not release progesterone as many women are lead to believe, but a progestin called levonorgestrel. This has been shown to lower progesterone levels, plus impeding the blood flow in the uterine arteries, see here and here. Levonorgestrel is derived from testosterone, so has androgenic properties. This is the prescribing information here, and please see here too. Testosterone causes Hair Loss, which explains why the Mirena causes it too. This page I've given you gives a list of nutrients which help hair growth. Whether they will turn the white hair back to it's original colour I can't say. But a man who corresponds on this site found his white hairs changing back after he'd started using progesterone. Take care Wray

Feb 09, 2013
The iud
by: TrIsh

The mirana iud is very bad. Doct. Will not admit the iud is the
Source of your hair falling out,mood swings,ovary cyst ,lumps on your breast,had to get a biopsy and a another annual. I ment mager hair loss! It has been 4 months since I had it removed. I barely have any hair left. The hair that does grow (dark coarse and now grey too) . I have to get steroid injections. Once a month! 20 or more shots! I tried taking pill! More hair started to fall out. I had other issues too! Swollen liver, pancreas ! Please any one that any symptoms should get it removed! I felt like I aged 5 years more ! The anxiety for 4 years! It needs to be romoved off the market !

Feb 11, 2013
The iud
by: Wray

Hi Trish I do agree with you, as I"m sure many on the women on this page would too. Please see our page on Hair Loss, it gives a list of nutrients which can help. I'm sure you'll be able to come off the steroid injections. The BCP wold have caused the same problems too, we have more info about Contraceptives on this page. I would suggest you try progesterone too, it does help. There's more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

Jul 09, 2013
hair loss improvement
by: Anonymous

I got the mirena in July 2011. I have loved everything about it. Although, I noticed shortly after that my hair started thinning. Not just in density, but the actual strands were thin and weak. It wasn't until almost 2 years later that I found this site and realized it could be due to the Mirena. I was reluctant to have it removed because it has been so convenient, I've had no periods at all, and have had no other effects.
However, I did have it removed about 3 weeks ago, and started on the supplement regimen described on this site. Since then, the quality of my hair has improved, somewhat. It's not back to normal, but I can definitely see and feel some improvement. I feel optimistic that it will continue to improve. Another nice bonus is that my fingernails are nicer than they've ever been in my entire life.
Thank you for this wonderful blog that has helped me with my struggle with my hair.

Jul 12, 2013
hair loss improvement
by: Wray

Hi there I'm so delighted the website has helped you, and thanks for letting us know. I've just answered another who used the Mirena, but she had major problems, see here. Some are lucky with it, some not. Although it's not a Contraceptive I would ever recommend. I'm not sure if you've seen our page on Hair Loss, possibly as you say your hair is now growing back, so pleased about this. Take care Wray

Aug 05, 2013
Mirena and using Progesterone Cream
by: Jessica

Hi Wray. I have chronic fatigue and even though I've been using progesterone cream for over a year and a half, and they have helped with my periods and all associated symptoms, I still have periods that are very draining. Ultimately I'd like to have a endometrial ablation done, but to get to that, I've had to have a mirena fitted. Because i'm not working I have to go through the public health system. I've been using 100mg a day, but upon reading all the comments above, I've decided to increase that to 200mg a day. I'm not sure how often I should be using the cream. Before the mirena I was applying it on day 14 till I bled (28day cycle), but because of the side effects of the mirena I'm guessing that my cycles will be all over the place. The other thing I'm wondering about is how do you cycle where your putting the cream when your using so much of it? Love this website, love my natpro, thanks so much, love and light, Jessica

Nov 08, 2013
Another scared Mirena user going bald
by: KH

I'm 35, with a 5 year old daughter. After two months of the Mirena being inside me and big scary handfuls of hair coming out in the shower everyday, I decided after some internet research that it was imperative I have it removed immediately before I lost any more hair. I had no other ill effects. Planned Parenthood was really nice about getting me right in for removal, no questions asked, and the NP who took it out said she had heard this about Mirena before (hair loss). It seems this is a 'thing' and it's not being disclosed.

Thank you for sharing your personal experiences so that I didn't discount my own and go further down the road of balding. I had a copper paraguard IUD put in, despite the warnings that it may make my cramping and bleeding more intense. I'd rather cramp and bleed once a month than wonder what the hell is going on with my bodily functions and pull giant clogs of hair out of my bath drain once a week.

Nov 15, 2013
Another scared Mirena user going bald
by: Wray

Hi KH I’m happy you’ve had it removed, it’s harming too many women and they are not told about the adverse symptoms. I had a copper T, I’ve recommended it to my daughter and all her friends. Yes it can increase bleeding, but I didn’t notice a great increase in me. Progesterone cream helps with cramping, and with bleeding too. This is an option you could pursue. We also have a page on Hair Loss which gives a list of nutrients which help hair grow again. Take care Wray

Jul 30, 2014
Mirena IUD, anemia and hair loss
by: Anonymous

Hello Wray,

I had the Mirena IUD inserted about a month and a half ago to treat severe anemia from very heavy periods. A few weeks later I began noticing hair shedding, with a larger amount than usual coming out in the shower. While the hair loss is not severe yet, I hate to see my hair getting thinner and I'm afraid the problem could escalate with time.

I've been told I do need some form of intervention to lessen the heavy periods, which are causing severe anemia. While I obviously hate the hair loss, I can't allow the bleeding to continue, as the anemia has become so bad (weakness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, shortness of breath etc.) My question is, can I keep the Mirena to deal with the anemia, and take the measures you detailed to promote hair regrowth, or do you strongly recommend having Mirena removed? Is the hair loss a side effect that could go away with time? And could supplements, etc possibly keep the loss under control, even with the Mirena in?

I have also tried birth control to treat heavy periods, including Microgestin, but had some unpleasant side effects from this as well. I understand all birth control has the potential to cause hair loss. Mirena had seemed the least invasive, but my doctor did not mention the hair loss side effect.

If I do opt to remove the Mirena, are there other methods you could recommend to deal with heavy periods? Thank you for your time!!

Aug 01, 2014
Mirena IUD, anemia and hair loss
by: Joy

All drug based Contraceptives have a potential to cause harm and the Mirena is one of the worst, please consider having it removed as Wray has mentioned in the posts above. Hair Loss is usually caused by excess estrogen, but the use of progesterone will help to balance things for you. Progesterone therapy does take time and is not an overnight fix, the correct progesterone concentration is needed though as using too little will cause Oestrogen Dominance symptoms. How to use Progesterone Cream will also help you to understand the benefits of it.

You might light to try this heavy bleeding protocol which has been used with great success:

*Natpro Progesterone Cream - 400mg to 500mg/per day * N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) - 2000mg/per day * Taurine - 2000mg/per day * Vitamin D - 5000iu's/per day more if vitamin D level is low * Bioflavanoids - 1000mg/per day

Hope this helps you.

Aug 01, 2014
informative site
by: passion3flower

There's a very informative site with lots of information on how to lose weight and get rid of the mirena iud side effects and find other natural birth control options. Check out: Her detox has also been immensely helpful to my recovery and I seriously recommend it

Jul 29, 2015
Another balding
by: Anonymous

I was a fit an healthy 24 year old who sometimes was getting high blood pressure which the doctor decided might have been from the pill (had been on it for over 10years due to acne) so they recommended the marina.
I have had it for two years and lost about 60% of my hair! I wanted to get it out but my doctor denied it could possibly cause hair loss. I then went to a dermatologist who said that my body was just getting use to iit and that it would be worse if I took it out because the 6 months hair cye would start again and more would fall out. But since reading these blogs I wish I had it out straight away!
I am booked in to get it out next week, however I've read all the blogs above and there are a lot more stories about hair falling out compared to the success people have had with regrowth since going off it. I hate what has happened so much but I'm so eager to know if anyone could give a rough idea of the percentage of success vs, the hair continuing to fall out or not growing back. Within 12 months Im thinking of starting a family and I'm hoping this would help?
Thanks so much

Nov 20, 2015
Long term use and hair loss
by: Anonymous

I am coming to the end of my 2nd Mirena coil and have only just found out that this may have caused my severe hair loss. I had my first coil well over 10 years ago to stop extremely heavy periods. Even though my hair has thinned so much that you can see my scalp, and my weight has ballooned I did not make any connection to my coil. I was just so pleased that I was no longer haemorrhaging, and didn't have to worry about birth control anymore.

Now I am coming to the end of my 2nd coil and really unsure whether to have another one fitted. My GP has advised me to, as I have not reached the menopause yet.. I am concerned that the heavy bleeding will return and also the risk of pregnancy... I will be 47 next month.

Mar 08, 2016
Hard lumps on scalp, due to mirena coil
by: Anonymous

Hi has anyone experienced pea sized lumps on their scalp. I got mirena coil 1 month ago and now feel really Bloated with lumps on scalp, could these be related tks

Mar 10, 2016
Hard lumps on scalp, due to mirena coil
by: Joy

Please read this thread it will explain the dangers of the Mirena. Read the Contraceptive page and the side effects of it. I certainly would never recommend that anyone have it inserted.

Good luck.

Mar 12, 2016
Will taking the supplements help or is removal the only way
by: K

Like many of you on here, I too am suffering from noticeable hair loss from the Mirena. I also had basically 2 months of either non stop bleeding and/or spotting since I had it inserted which was driving me crazy. I "think" it has finally stopped. It has eliminated my very severe PMS which is a plus and if my periods are gone, that is another upside for me. However, I can't go on with this hair loss. I see all the vitamins recommended but it seems to always be in relation to once its removed. So can these help or prevent when used with the Mirena to counteract the hair loss?

Mar 13, 2016
Will taking the supplements help or is removal the only way
by: Joy

Hi K

Sorry but to my mind the side effects of the Mirena are simply not worth it, have you read them? You may very well be fighting a losing battle taking the recommended vitamins while still having the Mirena inserted. Please do not expect miracles. Think of it like this. If you take a headache pill because you had too much to drink and now have a headache for example. The headache will go away, but if you continue to have another drink …… guess what? The headache returns. Are you getting the picture?

I highly recommend removal. Consider the Copper-T instead, it is the only IUD that will not interfere with the body’s natural cycle.

Jun 26, 2016
Hair loss nightmare
by: Linda

I have had the mirena coil for 3 years first two were great no bleeding everyday was just as I hoped it would be then last year started to notice changes no interest in sex, moods like a teenager bloating then WHAM hair loss feel unwomanly, paranoid if some one sees the bald area at the back of my head after reading other story's very seriously considering getting it removed . Just hope that things get back to normal when it's removed what ever normal is .

Jul 12, 2016
Hair loss Nightmare
by: Joy

Hi Linda

Well there will be no need to go into detail again about the dreaded Mirena, this thread explains it all. Please read the side effects of the Mirena, it should be banned as far as I am concerned. I suggest that you have it removed immediately.

Aug 04, 2016
Hair loss / Mirena
by: MadatMirena

Hello - I too am experiencing major side effect from this IUD. I had it for 6 weeks before I started noticing major hair loss. Can anyone tell me how long the hair loss lasts and if it will grow back? I have had it out for 9 days now with no change to my hair loss. I have lost half the amount of hair I once had - I am scared that I will be bald soon.

Aug 05, 2016
Mirena/Hair Loss
by: Joy

Hi MadAtMirena

Well I am not surprised that you are mad at the Mirena, I am disgusted to be quite honest, both with the device and the doctors who recommend it! I don’t think anyone can give you an answer to your question, but I am really not at all surprised at your hair loss. You might consider taking the amino acid Inositol also known as the Alopecia Vitamin. The main thing is that you have had that dreadful thing removed. I bet that your doctor didn't discussed side effects with you before you had it inserted. Perhaps the Hair Loss page will help you, it's given a few times on this thread. Hope you heal quickly.

Sep 12, 2016
Want to cry
by: Claremc

Hi there

I had my mirena coil replaced on the 1st June as I had not experienced any side effects 1st time round loved not having any periods and was generally happy with it as birth control However over the last 4 weeks I have noticed dramatic hair loss to my not very thick to begin with hair !!! The only change in my life was the mirena and after a quick search found I am one of many many women with same problem. I have decided to have the mirena removed and replaced with the copper IUD as I would rather bleed for an eternity than loose anymore hair . I have become obsessed to the point I sit and count each hair I loose and itis ruining my life
What I don't get is why this obviously massive side effect is not clearly pointed out before being offered.
Good luck to all my fellow mirena haters hope you all get the results you need.

Jan 29, 2017
Mirena should be banned
by: Martha mcneelege

I only had the mirena for 1 month and drastically lost alot of hair! Had it removed right away. Its been 4 months and still losing hair. :( it was the only thing it could've been. That's the only thing that was different. I had a thyroid test before. Its the Mirena !!!!!!

Mar 09, 2017
Merina Hair Loss?
by: Sylvia

I am just now considering that my Alopecia Areata may be related to this IUD.

But the big difference from some of the stories I am reading here is that my hair loss began 6 months after I had it removed. I would need to double check the dates, but I am pretty sure I had it removed in April of 2016, and my sister-in-law noticed a half dollar sized bald spot on the back/side of my head while coloring my hair that December. It is now March 2017, and that spot has tripled in size, and I have over all about 50% thinner hair than I did 6 months ago. Luckily I had a lot of hair before, but I getting very concerned at this point.

I am 51, and had my last period in October. Before that it was months earlier. I had begun to get hot flashes before I had the Merina removed, but they stopped soon after that. Then the October period, then the hair loss.

I have had a prescription for Progesterone cream for the last couple of years from my Naturopath for my frequent migraines. But I have slacked off on applying it lately. I just ordered more and will now re-start.

Any ideas about the long gap between the removal of the IUD and the development of AA in someone my age?

Mar 12, 2017
Mirena Hair Loss?
by: Joy

Hi Sylvia

The difference being that we are all different, things affect certain people differently.

The Mirena is dreadful, it should be taken off the market as far as I am concerned. Once removed it can take a long, long time, even years before the body reverts back to normal again. It has placed your body in turmoil and it needs to adjust again.

A missed period for 12 months usually puts on in Menopause, but who knows now where you are because of the Mirena. I suggest that you try some Inositol for hair loss, it may help. It is also known as the Alopecia vitamin (from the vitamin B family).

Progesterone therapy is very much needed, it will also cause an upset when first using it, more so if the incorrect progesterone is being used. I am concerned when you say a prescription. Please make sure that it is 3.33% progesterone ONLY cream and that it does not come mixed with estrogen, testosterone, parabens and chemicals as many of them do.

As mentioned on this thread, Vitamin D3 is vital.

Please also read the other links mentioned.

May 17, 2017
10% equals bad?
by: Anonymous

Why is a 10% cream not good? I've read some doctors prefer 10% over 3.33% whilst the opposite is also true. Sounds like people have success and difficulties with either. I just wondered why 10% of progesterone only might not be as effective?

Could you have a mix of the two? Half the daily dose from a 10% and the other half of daily dose from a 3.33? Anybody know anything about this?

Can't find much info that explains about certain concentrations being better/worse on the main pages.

May 22, 2017
10% equals bad?
by: Joy

Provided no parabens, chemicals, estrogen and or testosterone has been added in any progesterone cream including a 10% cream, then that is good.

Advice given on this website is based on an organic 3.33% cream, amounts to use are based on that. If using a 10% cream, then the amounts suggested on this website would need to be adjusted accordingly.

Jul 14, 2017
Extreme hair loss from Mirena and starting progesterone cream
by: Jennie

I had the Marina IUD for four years. I had it removed seven years ago after it started causing me to bleed nonstop. Since then, I started noticing hair loss and my periods became more and more irregular but I never knew why. No doctors ever thought to test my hormones.

A year ago, my hair started falling out more profusely and my periods got worse and my breasts were so sore they would wake me up at night, so it finally dawned on me that I may have a hormone imbalance.

My gynecologist put me on birth control to regulate my hormones. It actually worked and after three weeks on the pill my hair stopped falling out. Then last February, I faced extreme emotional distress/ stress that continues until now. When the stress started, my hair started falling again and my periods became irregular again, even though I was still on the pill. I have decided to go all natural and yesterday was my last day of the birth control pill.

I started using the natural progesterone cream two days ago. On the first day I only used 20 mg. Then yesterday, more hair fell out than ever before, including eyelashes. I came across your site yesterday, and I used about 120 mg. All of the other websites I have come across never recommend using anymore than 80 mg. Now my breasts are sore and my hair is falling. Since my period is coming up in a couple days, I was wondering if I should keep using the cream throughout my period, even though that's not generally advised, because of what's going on with my body right now?

Also, am I supposed to keep increasing the dose until my hair stops falling? How long do I continue using a dosage before I decide it's not effective? Will the symptoms disappear immediately when I reach the right dosage?

Thank you so much for your website and dedication.

Jul 14, 2017
Extreme hair loss from Mirena and starting progesterone cream
by: Joy

Hi Jennie

I am so pleased that you had the Mirena removed, it is poison! All drug based contraceptives have a potential to cause harm. Please read up on the side effects in the link below. It would be responsible for the start of your hormonal mess. For the doctors not to test your hormones is beyond me but I guess they knew what was happening to you and said nothing! Birth control is no better either. These have put you in a state of Estrogen Dominance.

If you read this entire thread you will see that things have been explained already, but stress destroys so many nutrients in our body, it also destroys progesterone levels, so again an imbalance would have taken place. This would also account for your sore and tender breasts but it could also mean that you are deficient in iodine, selenium and tyrosine. Have you by any chance been tested for these? Deficiencies also affect the thyroid, another cause for hair loss.

Of course using the correct progesterone cream is important as many do not contain the correct progesterone concentration. If a compounded cream, then this could also cause problems as many come mixed with estrogen and or testosterone, parabens and chemicals, not what any woman needs. Using for only two days is not going to do anything for you. It takes 2-6 months before positive results are felt, longer if symptoms are severe. It should be used every day with no breaks until the body adjusts and progesterone has become the dominant hormone. Using 20mg added to your adverse symptoms, that is just enough to aggravate your estrogen receptors, not what you need. Between 100-200mg progesterone is needed per day, again, if symptoms are severe more is needed provided you use a good natural cream such as Natpro. It was formulated exactly to what is needed. Many, many woman use lower amounts and it causes terrible problems for them. The late Dr Kittie Dalton used to prescribe 2400mg per day to her patients who suffered severe PND. TBI patients are given 1400mg per day.

I suggest using 200mg per day, if that doesn't work then increase to a level that will suit you. This is something that you will have to experiment with. You also do not state your age, perhaps you are in Peri-Menopause, please read the page on that too.

What is your Vitamin D3 level? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to every single functioning cell in our bodies making it vital. Co-factors are also needed.

Please read these pages and the study reference papers:

How to use Progesterone Cream -

Estrogen Dominance -

Peri-Menopause -
Menopause -

Stress -

Vitamin D3 -

Magnesium -

Hair Loss -

Contraceptives -

Jul 16, 2017
Extreme hair loss from Mirena and starting progesterone cream
by: Jennie

Joy, thank you so much for your quick and detailed reply. I can't say how much I appreciate it and how much I appreciate this website. I didn't fully understand what was happening to me until I began reading this website a couple days ago. I only wish I had found it seven years ago! Even though I wouldn't wish this hormone situation on anyone, it's comforting to know I'm not the only one going through it!

I'm 37, so I guess that is likely affecting my progesterone level. My hair did start falling out at a greater rate about a year ago, when I was 36, so I was maybe beginning perimenopause at that point. I was almost 30 when I had the IUD taken out and when I started noticing hair loss. I had my thyroid levels, iodine, vitamin D, B vitamins, checked by a doctor about three years ago, to try to explain the hair loss. Again, he didn't think to check my hormone levels… amazing. My levels were all normal. Vitamin D was on the low side of normal so I have been taking supplement of 1,000 IU a day. I will increase based on the recommendations I see you have given on the website. I see you recommend inositol for hair growth. Do you recommend taking it with choline, as I see these are often taken together?

I began magnesium oil therapy about a month ago. I've also been limiting my sugar and carbohydrates since February. I have read a lot about coffee interfering with hormones (which I find seriously heartbreaking), so I've worked down to one cup a day, and I plan to make the switch to green tea once I get enough willpower. Have you found that coffee has an effect on progesterone levels?

The cream I have been using is Pro-Gest. I see that Natpro it Is more concentrated, so I will give that a try so I don't run out so quickly!

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to answer me.

Jul 17, 2017
Extreme hair loss from Mirena and starting progesterone cream
by: Joy

Hi Jennie

I think females got the raw end of the stick to be honest, men seem to be so lucky!! Hormones, if not balanced can cause havoc and you are most certainly not the only female dealing the the horrors of estrogen dominance. Some really do have a hard time of it.

Peri-Menopause starts at around 35 when progesterone levels start to drop, it can be a torrid time, I have already given you the page to read up on it. The Mirena would have done you no favours either as explained. I am beyond words as to why your doctor didn't connect the dots! Please do increase your D3 to 5000iu's per day, if you are really deficient then please take 10,000ius for 3-4 months, then drop down to 5000iu's and stay on that amount indefinitely, one dose missed and levels start to drop, the same applies to progesterone. I highly recommend inositol, also known as the alopecia vitamin, it is also a calming amino.

Magnesium oil is great but there are many types, mag oil is chloride, you need to take more. Stick with the mag oil and I suggest Glycinate as the page given to you suggests. You will not notice a big difference in that alone. Keep on with reducing your carbs. Coffee affects some and not others. I drink 2 maybe 3 cups a day with no affect. You will need to experiment and see how many cups you can drink before you notice a change. Green tea contains caffeine too. It's the caffeine that causes problems.

Pro-Gest, if the amount used has not been adjusted to equate to Natpro, it would definitely cause you problems, it also contains a paraben. Finish what you are using, but double the amount and see if that helps you.

A tip...If possible, always, always keep enough cream on hand so that you do not run out.

Best of luck.

Jul 20, 2017
Extreme hair loss from Mirena and starting progesterone cream
by: Jennie

Thank you so much! I will follow your advice and report back in a few months.

Jul 22, 2017
Extreme hair loss with mirena
by: Christin

Hey ladies,

I too have had serious hair loss with my mirena. I have lost about 65% of my hair. I had it removed Tuesday after I finally figured out that it could be the mirena, as there was no explanation for the freak hair loss. I've had the mirena in for almost 5 years and have had maybe 3 periods. My hair is coming out so much I stopped brushing it lol, made me sick.

Hoping that the dramatic loss will go away after my body adjusts, I tried monixidil for a few days which made it worse.

Nov 02, 2017
Mirena - Hairloss
by: Anonymous - HG


I had my Mirena for the full 5 years, and am in the in between stage of getting the next one. It worked great for me...but after removal I am a complete emotional wreck. I was looking for solutions to help me through this when I came on this site. That's when it clicked, maybe the Mirena is the reason I have lost so much hair. I have been going crazy trying to deal with the amount of hair I am losing. I started taking a multi-vitamin and Biotin every day. I am truly torn on what to do because I don't want to lose any more hair, but I can't function with the heavy bleeding and severe cramps I had before Mirena. I noticed you have a list of supplements to take, and was wondering if you could recommend the actual brands you use.

Also, Thiamine is listed as 100mg a day, but my multi-vitamin says 1.5mg is the daily recommended dose? Am I missing something? I desperately need to do something fast, but I don't want to order junk! I am also thinking of starting the Natpro.

I am approaching 40 and my husband and I are done with children....PLEASE HELP!

Nov 02, 2017
by: Anonymous - HG

I don't see the comment I posted?

Looking for help with the supplements listed. I am undecided if I am getting my Mirena back in...will the NatPro still help?

Will the other supplements help me regrow my hair? Does anyone have a recommendation of what I should buy...there are so many to choose from.

Desperate...Please HELP

Apr 23, 2019
Severe Hair Loss after the 3rd Mirena
by: Angie

I have been reading all the comments and relate to so many of you. I have not had any complications with the mirena, so I thought. I have had trouble with some course facial hair (strays) and anxiety but chalked that up as not being related.

After having my 3rd mirena put in 1.5 years ago, approximately 1 year ago I noticed hair thinning and over the past 4 months it is really thin and noticeable. I have been taking biotin, vitamin D, and women's vitamins for 3 months with no sign of relief. I am scheduled to get the mirena out and replace it with the copper IUD. My hair loss is face framing and on the top of my head where male baldness would start.

How long will it take for the foreign hormones to be out of my system and for the hair growth to start back up, if it isn't too late? Please Help!

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