Where are my lovely results??

I have some questions re utilizing progesterone cream. We have a history in my family of use (sister with post-partum psychosis, grandmother who used it with good results, mother who researched it extensively for my sister's situation). I recently decided that after a few years and many dollars, many diet changes and many supplements taken that I had to do something else. I am 42, mother of four, exhausted, zitty with the addition of lovely cystic acne, have light hair on my face, whiskers coming out of my chin, not overweight but have a muffin top - which I've never had before - and some PMS. I don't believe I've been losing hair. My periods used to be quite irregular and I had bad cramping up until the birth of my first child (12 years ago). The PMS continued (irritation, bloating, breast tenderness, some cramping, extreme fatigue), but my periods became quite regular. However, while all of the adrenal supplements, hormone balancing supplements, EFA supplements suggested by my naturopath and my diet changes (no processed foods, all organic, no grains and no sugar)have helped, it has not been to the extent that I have hoped.

So, I started with Progestelle, I believe. Two days in on the 20 mg dose suggested, I felt great. Even better, I had a real interest in my husband and enjoyed what we were doing - it was, frankly, quite amazing and reminded me of how I felt when I was in my thirties - I was on fire! You can probably imagine my excitement :). So, then my period started and I went off the cream. My wonderful results disappeared. In the meantime, I ordered your product and started that up on day 12. At this point (just about time for my period again), I am confused. There has been no resurgence of desire, I am tired, tired, tired (as usual) and I can't say that I feel any real effects at all. In fact, I just plucked three hairs out of my I doing something wrong? Am I being impatient? Why did I have those great few days at the beginning and how do I get those effects back? Any advice would be appreciated. I simply cannot afford to drop the money on hormone levels testing at this time.

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Jul 02, 2013
Where are my lovely results??
by: Wray

Hi there Oestrogen Dominance can come out of the blue. I've found in too many cases, the first euphoric feeling progesterone can give, can end after the first cycle. Particularly with the low amount of 20mg/day you were using. Another thing I suggest to people is use it continuously through any bleeding, for 2-3 months to make sure progesterone becomes the dominant hormone, which it should be. Although labs give a range of P:E2 varying from 100:1 up to 500:1, we've found from Saliva Tests we run that the ratios were all 600:1 and over. When stopping the progesterone it allows oestrogen to rise again, which almost invariably brings symptoms back again. Please consider using it continuously for a few months. Thanks for trying the Natpro, but I'm not sure why you started it on day 12, do you have a 26 day cycle? It should be used from ovulation to bleeding, which is always 12-14 days after ovulation in all women. There's more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. There's no need for a hormone test, your symptoms speak volumes. Can you tell me how much you're now using, as I generally recommend 100-200mg/day, often more is needed though. You might like to see these comments from other women here, here, here and here. Take care Wray

Jul 03, 2013
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

That was a quick response! Thank you. I have to say that when I wrote that I bought your product, I was confused. I did not - the several dozen websites and few books I've read have jumbled me up about who is who and who sells what. Sorry. I bought a product that is in a pure coconut oil because I liked the simplicity of it and because the first order comes with a free one :) - and I started using Pro-gest, not Progesterelle. Anyway, your points are well taken and I'll try Natpro. I started on day 12 (day one being when I began to bleed) after my first attempt at progesterone because I believe that's what Lee advised.

So, I've been reading further on your site and have been reading about vit D and magnesium. Whenever I add a mag supplement, I get very loose stools and I have presumed that means I have enough magnesium. Maybe not. I also spend most of the summer outside in direct sun and take a vit D supplement most days - usually 2,000 to 5,000 depending on how I'm feeling. I tend to get all gloomy and blue in the winter time, so I have assumed my vit D levels are not optimal.

What about Vitex? I started it about a month ago prior to deciding to go the progesterone route and have continued it but maybe I shouldn't. I also have started Rhodiola, but that seems to be contradicted. Too bad, because it is helping me function without caffeine and according to something I read, caffeine/coffee is a big no no when trying to reduce estrogen. Having four kids that are aged 12, 7, 5 and 18 months means I need waaaay more energy than my body seems to want to produce. Any thoughts about turmeric? I love it because it really cuts down on my overactive sebum production.

My grandmother, mother, several aunts and a cousin or two all have similar things as me and for years, I just thought it was the luck of the genetic draw. Peach fuzz on faces, acne, cystic acne, hypothyroid symptoms, constant chilliness, tiredness (chronic fatigue for some), stubborn weight gain (which I don't have but only due to my iron will :)), low blood pressure and inflammation issues. I have learned that I cannot eat wheat (that has helped), I should not have fluoride in any form (gives me cysts) and thankfully, in the process of recovering my ASD daughter, learned about the importance of eating clean and avoiding sugar, grains and starches and all processed foods. I have a feeling we have pyroluria as well, but that's another topic.

Okay. After being needlessly wordy, I will try what you've suggested and do the following:

Buy Natpro!

Apply the cream daily for the next two months and not stop for a break during my period.

Up my dosage considerably (100-200 per day) - would it be better to start at 100 or 200? That's a large range, but maybe not large enough to matter.

Hold my breath and see what happens :).

Thank you, Wray.

Jul 05, 2013
Thank you!
by: Wray

Hi there Well you did give me a good laugh! I don't blame you either, there are so many sites selling progesterone. And books about hormone issues. All advising very different recommendations to mine, mostly in the region of 20-40mg/day, which I've only found makes things worse. I've just had another write in who opted for the 400mg/day I suggested to her and she's found an immense difference, see here. I do give quite a range, as some women have mild symptoms, so it's pointless using more than needed. But more often than not their symptoms are severe, hence the 400mg I often suggest. With your symptoms I wouldn't start on less than 200mg/day. It could well be your magnesium is fine, although I have come across women who's bowels are too sensitive to it, and use the topical form. It does absorb well. I'm glad you're so aware of the importance of vitamin D, it does drop in winter so best to take more then. Agnus castus has been used for many problems which women suffer from, PMS, mastalgia, menstrual irregularities, fibrocystic breasts, reducing prolactin, increasing lactation and more, see here. It can also reduce prolactin levels, prolactin is an inflammatory hormone which can cause tender breasts, see here, and luteal phase dysfunction, with subsequent problems in embryo implantation, see here. But because it has a mild oestrogenic action, levels of 17 beta-oestradiol can increase. One study found mild ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome occurred in the luteal phase, see here. If Prolactin levels are high both progesterone and the amino acid tyrosine are very affective at suppressing it. I subscribe to an excellent database on natural medicines, and reading through their info on rhodiola I can find no contraindications. I can't send you the link unfortunately. It's had a great deal of research done on it, all favourable for a great many conditions. Improving mood and alleviating depression, improves physical and mental performance and memory, reduces fatigue, seems to have anticancer activity and more. Continued below

Jul 05, 2013
Thank you! Part 2
by: Wray

Hi there Turmeric is excellent, because of the curcumin it contains, I love it too, see here, here, here and here. So interesting you find it helps over production of sebum, as the Indian make a beautiful gel like cream with it for the face. I did try to copy it using curcumin, but only succeeded in making my pillow bright yellow! I think I was over generous with the amount I used. It seems your family could all do with both Progesterone and Vitamin D to help those symptoms you've mentioned. The peach fuzz and Acne are due to high testosterone. Hypothyroid could be due to a lack of vitamin D, see here, here, here, here, here and here. Plus a lack of iodine and tyrosine, both essential for the manufacture of T3 and T4, plus selenium a vital co-factor. The chilliness could be from the hypothyroidism, but also excess oestrogen as it lowers temps, whereas progesterone raises it. The tiredness/chronic fatigue and the weight gain could be caused by Insulin Resistance, which is caused by excess oestrogen and testosterone and a lack of vitamin D. Low blood pressure is generally a good thing, women tending to have it to a greater extent than men. And Inflammation can be caused by any number of things, oestrogen in particular as it's an excitatory, inflammatory hormone. Although Stress is a huge factor. Interesting you mention pyroluria, I've never had a test for it but believe I could have it too. Large amounts of zinc and B6 are needed. And thanks once again for considering the Natpro! Let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

Jul 08, 2013
One new result, anyway...
by: Anonymous

Thanks, Wray. Per your suggestion, I have upped my dose to 200. The one thing I've noticed is that I am sooooooooo tired. That's awesome at night since while I have an easy time falling asleep, my sleep is not restful and I wake up too early. But during the day - not so much. I mean, I typically feel exhausted but this is pretty extreme. I feel like I'm in the first trimester of pregnancy - and I most certainly am not :).

I took a nap Saturday morning because I couldn't stay awake (and while I often fantasize about napping, I generally can resist :)). Sunday, I slept through church, fell asleep on the way home for a bit and then, slept for another half hour when we got home. I simply could not keep my eyes open.

I'm a bit nervous about my morning dose today :). I've been doing 100 in the morning and 100 at night. Any suggestions? Do you think this will pass?


Jul 12, 2013
One new result, anyway...
by: Wray

Hi there This can happen, pity though as it's rather off putting! It's interesting you compare it to the first trimester, as that is precisely what happens. The corpus luteum is producing more progesterone than usual, this initially stimulates oestrogen, until such time as the progesterone level increases to the point it suppresses the oestrogen and symptoms go. So you could try increasing the amount you're using and see if that helps you. And please make sure your vitamin D level is high enough, that's so important, as a lack reduces the benefits of progesterone. Take care Wray

May 14, 2014
Great info
by: SugarMags

My sister found that she had crashing fatigue like this after a few days on scared and stopped using it. I never considered it could be *not enough* progesterone! I will pass this on to her! I hope the OP is doing better, but this is a year ago. Hope she checks in again. :)

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