by Connie

I have catamenial epilepsy (seizures focusing on the week before and during ones cycle) and am concerned that my hormone levels may be preventing me from gaining control over my seizures. I will be going to the doctor in a week and I am afraid that he will just want to up my meds more. If my doctor refuses to assist, would it be safe to treat myself. I have read that hormone changes can affect the AED medication levels.

I have a mirena which emits a small amount of progesterone. I have found that while I am on the mirena my seizures are much less frequent. It may be because it pretty much eliminates my cycle, or it could be the progesterone helping. This phenomena is the reason I believe that progesterone will help me.

I have also been told by family that hormone therapy would be very dangerous as well as having terrible side effects. Is this true? Thanks.

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Jan 04, 2010
by: Wray

Hi Connie Low progesterone does have a bearing on seizures, particularly if they follow the monthly cycle. It would be best to use it under the guidance of a practitioner versed in progesterone therapy, as initially excess oestrogen might exacerbate them. Please have a look at this web page on oestrogen dominance.

You are already on hormone therapy! The Mirena leaks a progestin into the body, not progesterone unfortunately. Progestins are synthetic progesterone, and come with many adverse side affects. I believe the only reason it's helped you is the fact the progestin shuts down the ovaries. So you are not making any progesterone or oestrogen, or very little, and it's the very little oestrogen which is benefiting you. Excess oestrogen suppresses progesterone, which could explain your seizures, ie you are not making enough progesterone normally. It would be far safer if you used the copper T IUD, which leaks nothing but a bit of copper. You might like to see this web page on contraceptives.

And please see these papers on progesterone and seizures...
Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3
Paper 4
Take care, Wray

Aug 18, 2011
by: CHIC

i had the mirena in 12/07...started getting seizures for the first time in 09, grand mal i assume... got the mirena removed 3/11 cuz i just realized it was the mirena that was giving me the seizures. what do u think i should do now that im on seizure meds for a while....i dont wanna be...ITS THE MIRENA'S FAULT!!!! :(

Jan 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

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