Progesterone Drunk?

by Marilyn
(Las Vegas)

Hi, I was just tested (saliva) for hormone levels, after feeling crazy for months, ocular and plain ol migraines,2 periods a month, weight gain,aches, insomnia, night sweats,etc. My progesterone was a grand total of 12,estrodiol 1.99, and testosterone 64.40. So the doc prescribed 30 mg of progesterone cream from a compounding pharm. to apply at night, 2 hours before bed. First night was fine, 2nd night was too. On the 3rd morning, I woke up COMPLETELY drunk. I couldn't function til around noon. I have panic disorder, so I never drink. Needless to say this feeling was upsetting to me, and I hated it, even though I was reeeaaaalllyyy mellllooow. The pharm told me that the dose was too high, to cut it in half and see what happens. I was scared to even take it again, so I cut in half, twice. So, I am taking 7.5 mg for 3 nights now. I feel ok. Kinda spacey at times, and I am dreaming so much that it takes me half of the morning to figure out what was real and what was dreamt. I alos take a tiny dose of Xanax almost daily (1/2 of a .25) that I am trying to stop. Wondering if it will hurt me to slowly increase my progesterone over weeks, because I cannot risk feeling like I did on the drunk morning, I have to drive for a living. BTW, I am extremely sensitive to meds, always have to take things in tiny doses.

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May 22, 2013
try adjusting your dose according to your cycle
by: Anonymous

I have run into that - progesterone can be very calming like a tranquilizer - as you have prolly noticed. I too have vivid dreams but usually its because I haven't quite taken enough in my case. For you its going to be trial and error to find what works for you. My needs fluctuate throughout my cycle, needing less right after my period and more as my cycle advances, because my estrogen levels stay high and my progesterone doesn't come up like it should. I am classic estrogen dominant. Hang in there and dont be afraid to adjust the dosage here and there till you find a balance. I too suffer from anxiety and a host of other things too, so I understand your worry. Listen to your body - it will tell you what you need when you need it. :) I take a sublingual plant based and I start with a small dose early and slowly increase it thru the month.

May 24, 2013
Progesterone Drunk?
by: Wray

Hi Marilyn I have answered your other page here. Take care Wray

Sep 10, 2022
by: Anonymous

Yes! But love that feeling and it lasts for about 30 minutes…at least for me!

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