Cholesterol problem

by Linda
(Colorado )

I am 51. Since the age of 47 in menopause. I’m on 400mg Natpro per day. Since December 2019.

I have had bloodwork done and it shows I am prediabetic and cholesterol is high. I have never had that. I’m 5.8 and weigh 147lbs.
Could it be the Natpro?????? Pls reply. This is important. Can’t reach anyone here! Thank u

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Apr 03, 2020
by: Suzanne

Why not wean off, or reduce your dose to see if it’s the progesterone causing the issues?

Apr 06, 2020
Cholesterol problem
by: Joy

Hi Linda

I don't believe that progesterone is the cause, in fact it should help. You could also be deficient in vitamin D3. Please read these pages by Wray who explains it in more detail. See here and here.

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