Depression like no other

by Christina Clark

I've been on every antidepressant in the book, and hospitalized several times, forced to take even more meds. I even had several holds placed against me because I was refusing meds, trying to explain to the doctors that I felt that there was something else wrong.

When I had my total hysterectomy, I was put on progesterone/estrogen pellets. They absorbed so quickly that I was unable to keep up with the expense. They tried shots, which didn't absorb at all. Then they just put me on Estratest. I was removed from that when my sister contracted breast cancer.

I've been searching for help. I've tried the suppositories, but they are so unpleasant, that I just couldn't keep up with it.

The depression is increasing. If this will help, you will have my endorsement for sure! I know that I had progestrone issues with both of my pregnancies. But it wasn't diagnosed until I came across a very knowledgeable OBGYN. He has since retired, and I've not found anyone who really knows anything about hormone therapy in regard to progesterone.

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Sep 08, 2009
Depression like no other
by: Wray

Hi Christina. Unfortunately the 'progesterone' pellets you were getting were not progesterone, but a progestin. Progesterone doesn't come in pellets. I know what you mean about the suppositories, plus they have limited use. The cream on the other hand can be applied anywhere, at any time too.

If you had progesterone problems with both pregnancies, plus depression, it seems to me you are in need of progesterone and certainly not oestrogen, which suppresses any progesterone your ovaries would make. Progesterone does help depression, as it raises levels of serotonin, but you might need more help in which case please get some tryptophan (±250-3000mg/day). It's the amino acid precursor to serotonin. Other wonderful natural anti-depressants are: tyrosine ±1000mg/day, GABA ±100mg/day, taurine (especially) ±2000-4000mg/day, inositol (especially) ±4000mg/day and vitamin B3 ±300mg/day (niacinamide). If you try the progesterone and judging by the severity of the depression, I would advise using about 300-400mg/day progesterone, anything less is not going to help. It's easy enough to reduce once symptoms have abated.

Take care.

Sep 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

Can progesterone be used if one's cholesterol is high?

Sep 26, 2009
by: Wray

Yes, progesterone can be used if cholesterol is high. In fact it protects against atherosclerosis and prevents lipid peroxidation. It also stimulates the production of nitric oxide which is vital for a healthy endothelium in blood vessels. It prevents platelets aggregating and clots forming by reducing the action of thrombin by about 10%.

But high cholesterol is easy enough to reduce. Please have a vitamin D test done, this is low in people with a risk for heart disease. The level should be 50-90ng/ml when a blood test is done. I suggest taking 5000-10,000IU's per day until this level is reached, and then reduce to 2000IU's per day.

The B vitamin niacin reduces cholesterol by about 30%. Unfortunately niacin gives a flush which many people dislike, but if the dose is started low at about 100mg/day and increased very gradually the flushes go. The amino acid taurine is vital too. The liver removes cholesterol from the system via the bile, taurine is an integral part of bile thereby reducing cholesterol. A dose of 2000mg/day should be used, reducing to 500mg once the level has dropped. Incidentally taurine is vital for the heart. Take care.

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