Additional benefits of progesterone

I gave birth several months ago and, as most people know, when pregnant the mother's hair gets thick and luxurious. After birth, my hair has fallen out in chunks. I miss my nice hair.

My first question is:
Would natural progesterone give me back my "pregnancy hair"?

I also am very "emotionally level"; I don't get mad, I don't get sad; however, I also don't have a sex-drive. I tried taking an herbal supplement...but all I felt it did was make me very edgy and quick to anger...NOT the desired result of increasing my sex drive.

My second question is:
Would natural progesterone help increase my range of emotions and sex drive?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Jan 22, 2008
Progesterone and hair loss
by: Wray

Hi Sharon. One of the reasons our hair gets so thick and lovely during pregnancy is the huge amounts of progesterone we make then. After birth the level drops dramatically, giving rise to post natal depression amongst other things. So your hair will grow back again if you supplement with progesterone.

You should also take 500-1000mg of the amino acid N-acetyl-cysteine, plus 500-1000mg of the B vitamin inositol. Both these supplements are extremely effective in helping hair to grow back.

The emotional 'deadness' and lack of libido you are experiencing are some of the symptoms of PND, both of which should sort themselves out using progesterone. I would suggest taking a good vitamin B complex, plus omega 3 fish oil too. With the drop in progesterone after birth, androgens, which remain at normal levels, affect hair loss, as there is no progesterone to inhibit their action. Do hope this helps. Take care Wray.

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