Eyebrow loss and starting to lose hair on scalp

by Susie M

I am 55 yrs old. I have lost almost all my eyebrows. My right eyebrow is all but gone maybe 1/8 or 1/6th inch hair still there and and the left eyebrow is now a thin line and will be completely gone soon. Now I have some loss on my scalp. Not patches of hair or handfuls falling out but my hair is thinning.
I have always had thick hair. There is lots of hair everyday all over the bathroom when I finish getting ready in the morning.

I have type 2 diabetes. I have high blood pressure. I don't take any prescription meds for either. I read metformin can cause hair loss as a side effect. I used to take high blood pressure meds but again, one of the side effects is hair loss. The high blood pressure meds I was taking was not controlling my high blood pressure and my doctor kept increasing my meds and adding new ones with no control results. So why take them?! I'm just trying to use supplements like diamatacious earth to lower my high blood pressure but so far those things aren't working either.

I have many thyroid symptoms but all the extensive thyroid tests I just had came out in the normal range. My mother has been diagnosed with hypothyroid. She has been on thyroid meds for more than 15 years. I read that thyroid issues are hereditary. I wish I could find a doctor who treated thyroid issues on symptoms instead of test results. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have been using Natpro along with vitamin D for about 2 years now. I use 2 tsp's per day now. I don't know if I should increase to 2 1/2 tsp to help with hair loss. I have been on 900 mg's of Natpro at one time and it did not stop the eyebrow loss at that level. Most of the the eyebrow loss and now the thinning hair on my scalp has increased greatly within the last 2-4 months. Before the last few months my eyebrow loss steady but was very slow and I did not notice any scalp hair thinning.

The eyebrow loss and scalp hair thinning is causing me stress when I'm normally not a stressful person.
I need help stoping the hair and eyebrow loss but also would love to know what caused this. Knowing the root condition would enable someone like a doctor to fix my problem, stop the hair loss and allow it to be able to grow back. But after reading this web sites page on hair loss causes......It may be impossible to know the cause. I could just cry!! This is effecting my life on a daily basis. Any help would be appreciated.

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Sep 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

have you had a thyroid panel done?

Sep 14, 2014
A little help
by: Letitia

I also started losing hair with menopause and stress that I was losing my hair.

I went to my dermotologist who recommended for me
5000mgs of Biotin in capsule per day, after about 6 weeks I noticed that the hair loss has stopped and after another couple of months started to reverse, whoever each time my hormones go out of balance this starts over, so I just take biotin at 5000mgs all the time, they also say it is the one B vitamin that gets totally exhausted with stress for all people male or female

Give it a try and let me know


Sep 16, 2014
Eyebrow loss and starting to lose scalp hair
by: Susie M

I had complete thyroid blood work done about a week ago and the results showed all with in the normal range. I have an appointment with a Endo in October but with the test results being normal I'm sure he will send me off. I need a doctor who will treat symptoms over test results. I've looked on all the thyroid sites like 'stop the madness' but not found a local dr who will treat by symptoms and who takes insurance. The ones I did find only take cash and charge $1500 plus at a minimum. I can't afford that nor do I trust a dr who does that.
I live in the San Francisco East Bay Area.

I have many other thyroid symptoms. So I don't understand why every one of the tests showed no thyroid problem. My mother has hypothyroidism and has been on Synthroid for more than 15 years. I read that if you have a family member who has a thyroid issue that you are more likely to develop one as well.

I have taken a high dose of biotin before and it did not stop my eyebrows from falling out. I also don't have PCOS so that rules out that as a cause.

But I appreciate all suggestions as to the possible cause and mostly a cure.

Sep 17, 2014
Hair Loss
by: Letitia

Well the other thing that was pointed out to me
was that estrogen dominance can also cause these symptons so my next step would be to have my estrogen and progesterone tested.

It will be interesting to see what Wray says about your symptons

Sep 19, 2014
trial Natural Dessicated Thyroid
by: Chris

If you feel you are hypothyroid you very well could be, my test always showed normal but I didn't feel better until I was on a dose of 300mg of Natural dessicated thyroid glandular.
You can buy thyroid glandular over the counter in the USA so I suggest you try that for awhile and see how you feel. Start small with 30mg and increase 30mg at a time every week until you feel better. If you feel jittery shakey hyper just lower your dose till you're normal again. My dose is fairly high. i think many are comfortable on about 120-180mg. Thyro-gold is a good brand and what i use myself. Personally I couldn't live without it. If it doesn't feel right for you once you start using it just gently wean off again, no big deal. I also strongly suggest taking iodine 12.5mg and selenium 200mcg as well. J Crows sells lugols iodine in the 5% bottle which is 2drops to get 12.5mgs. Always take selenium with iodine they work together and selenium deficiency while taking iodine can cause problems, even a good idea to start selenium first before staring the iodine. Read Dr Brownsteins books about iodine. My hair was falling before I did all this but came back fully after my thyroid was in balance. Certainly worth a try and you don't have to wait for a doctor to get their act together....because they probably never will.

Jul 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

My thyroid panel was mostly normal but my MD believes in treating the symptoms. Normal ranges don't tell the story. Many people need higher levels. Find someone with that philosophy

Feb 07, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hello Suzie,

did you have the hair loss already before starting the progesterone or did it occur when you took high doses of progesterone?

Feb 08, 2016
Eyebrow loss and starting to lose scalp hair
by: Susie M

I don't believe my hair loss is connected with progesterone anymore. I found an endo who prescribed me Armour at 180 mgs. I may need more for my hair loss. My brow hair falling out was well before using Natpro. I now know that my scalp loss was when I became post menopausal so could be connected to hormones or could be many other reasons. But I was not on a high dose of Natpro when the scalp loss started so they are not connected. I just had a progesterone test but have yet to get the results. It will be Interesting to see what my ratio is with my last estrogen results.

Feb 16, 2016
detox Estrogen
by: Heidi

Hi Susie, I have been suffering with hair loss for several years now, my left eyebrow is mostly missing. I too tried Progesterone with no improvement. I also had normal thyroid tests. Tried a hundred other things as well and read extensively. I noticed that my particular hair loss was all over my head, not indicating androgenic alopecia so I suspected it was my thyroid even though tests were normal. I finally read an article on Estrogen dominance causing excess TBG thyroid binding globulin so a person shows normal levels of thyroid hormone but it is bound and not available!DIM would block estrogen but I can't take DIM because it makes my particular hair loss worse but I finally found something that works! Calcium Glucarate has helped slow my hair loss! it rids your body of the bad estrogens. I also eat lots of broccoli and Kale and I take an aspirin when I really need help blocking the bad estrogen. This may work for you, it is worth considering even though each person's body chemistry is different.

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