What causes leg hair loss?

by Doug
(Springfield, IL)

I am a 66 year old male with leg and armpit hair loss. (Someone even asked me if I shaved my legs!) I still have most of my hair on my head, chest, and pubic area. I am taking vitamin D, testosterone troches, and thyroid medicine. I have BPH and high blood pressure for which I am taking prescription meds. I have some pain in my shoulders doing certain movements although it isn't as bad as it was earlier this year. Would progesterone help in any of these areas?

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Nov 11, 2016
What causes...
by: Rachel

Hi there. My mum was on high blood pressure medication and she noticed hair loss like you're describing. Have you looked into its side effects?

Nov 11, 2016
by: Helene, Denmark

Hi Doug,

Are you well medicated regarding the hypothyroidism? Are you getting enough medication and what kind are you taking? A lot of people have trouble on the synthetic thyroid-medication and do better on natural stuff like Armour, Erfa, S-Thyroid and so on.
I've also read about a lot of people who's doctors keep them on too low a dose.

Hairloss on the legs etc could probably be from several hormone-disorders, but it is certainly caused by hypothyroidism - so I would look to this first. T3 in top of the range. And natural thyroid-medication.

Look at if you're not already familiar with this site.

All the best,

Nov 11, 2016
by: Laura

My husband had the same thing. He lost all hair on his legs and underarms. He found out he was hypothyroid and after many different thyroid meds and adjustments in doses, he is finally on the right one. At least he feels good on the one he is on. The leg hair came back but the underarm hair has not.

Nov 16, 2016
Hypothyroid hair loss?
by: Doug

Thanks for the comments. I think it is because my thyroid was low. Now that I am taking Nature Throid, some hair has started to grow back.

Nov 17, 2016
by: Helene

Great to hear, Doug! :)

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