About Dr. Katharina Dalton

by Nikki
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Hi Wray, I've seen you mention Dr. Dalton's studies and practices before and as I had never heard of her, I googled her name. Amongst the results I cam across this site about her:

In the article it talks also about the adverse affects of Progesterone. Here's is quote from some of it:

"Removal of the ovaries has long been used to prevent endogenous progesterone production as a treatment for breast cancer. Recent studies confirm that progesterones cause more breast cancer than oestrogens. Progesterone is also potentially teratogenic."

Is this true? I always thought it was estrogen that was the "bad" hormone to increase cancer risk. Hence all the hoopla with the risks of HRT over the years. If this study is true then surely this is big news and we should duly take note. But I know you are a better study than me because of the reading you've throughout the years. But this seems to be fairly new study results and maybe needs to be researched more.

Now I'm a little scared....

I would be very interested on your thoughts on this article.

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Nov 30, 2014
About Dr. Katharina Dalton
by: Wray

Hi Nikki When I started reading it I thought the author must be on some mind altering drug! Then I discovered it was Ellen Grant who wrote it. If you read her other papers, you'll find she is very confused by progestins and progesterone. Look at the titles of the few papers she gives as references. And she doesn't give the refs for the breast cancer 'studies'. Now if she means progestins, which I know she does having read her other work, then yes I entirely agree with her. You might like to see this video here. And this paper here. This is an older paper which is quite unequivocal in it's conclusion. And teratogenic......huh? Why is it called the pregnancy hormone? Why is it so important for pregnancy and the foetus that without it no woman will carry a child to term? Why does the female body increase production ten fold whilst pregnant? Why is it that the majority of infants born are not deformed? Surely this in itself is proof that nothing could be further from the truth! If you want further confirmation that Grant is talking nonsense, please contact Dr Judy Evans who's crossed swords with her before. I do agree with her comments about small, frequent, starchy meals, I'm not in favour either. And I don't agree with Dalton's take on vitamin B6. Take care Wray

Dec 19, 2017
Vitamin B6
by: Anonymous

Dr. Dalton has saved me with her one page addition in her book on b6 toxicity. Two years ago I started taking 50mg of b6 plus 10mg in my b stress multi pill. A year later of taking all this I suddenly started having numbing and tingling In my limbs, muscle weakness, speech problems, internal vibrations, and so much more. Had MRI thinking I had MS. Found nothing. I just happened to have bad PMS symptoms and was doing research and ordered Dr. Daltons book. When I read her view on b6 I was sick to my stomach. I immediately stopped my b6 and within two weeks my symptoms are 95% better.

I am in debt to her. If I hadn't figured it out I know I could have had permanent neurological damage. She knows what she is talking about.

Apr 03, 2022
high dosage progesterone better than low dose recomended by Dr Lee
by: keith

Dear Wray, I appreciate your articles and knowledge about progesterone. I especially appreciate the backup references that you provide. I am, however, having a hard time finding backup for your teaching that low dose progesterone stimulates more estradiol levels and that 100 mg of progesterone is necessary to overcome estrogen dominance.

Please refer me to clinical data demonstrating this.

As a man, BPH symptoms do not change overnight which makes it difficult to 'monitor my symptoms and adjust accordingly'.

Thank you and God bless, Keith

Apr 04, 2022
high dosage progesterone better than low dose recomended by Dr Lee
by: Keith

Hi Wray,
thank you for your comments.

One further question. Does topical progesterone actually lower serum estradiol levels. I like to have numbers to check if things are doing their job. Mine estradiol is 50. I want to get it down to 20-30 as recommended by Life Eztension. Can topical progesterone make this happen at high enough doses?? And will this show up in the blood lab numbers?

Thanks again, Keith

Apr 11, 2022
high dosage progesterone better than low dose recomended by Dr Lee
by: Justine

Hello Keith,

Sadly Wray is no longer with us, she put thirty plus years of her life into this research and now we remain to do our best in her stead.

In answer to your first query please refer to the work and research of Dr. Platt, Dr. Dalton and the research carried out by the Emory university to start with, I will provide links below for you.

Dr. Dalton used far larger amounts than Wray suggests, but never once did her patients get oestrogen dominance, or become ill from doing so. In fact they all got better. Whereas she scorned some of the studies done, as they used far too low an amount to have any affect.

Please refer to her books:
Depression after childbirth

Once a month

Premenstrual Syndrome & Progesterone Therapy

Nicola: The Pms Case That Made Legal History

Please also see these papers and forum threads:

Horrormone crazy

Dr. Platt

Progesterone misconceptions

A study to look at hormonal absorption of progesterone cream used in conjunction with transdermal estrogen

Progesterone in Peri- and Postmenopause: A Review

High-Dose Progesterone in the Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme

The effect of progesterone administration on sex hormone binding globulin binding capacity in women with severe premenstrual syndrome

Emory University, Progesterone inhibits growth of neuroblastoma cancer cells

Prostatitis and libido

High-dose progesterone therapy in advanced endometrial cancer

Traumatic brain injury

Progesterone for men

Progesterone and men

TBI references

The thing with supplementing with progesterone and helping the body back into balance as naturally as possible, is that there will never be an overnight fix. We always say that it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months for effects to be felt, but to persevere for no less than two months before adjusting your dosage. Some require less, some more but only you can tell with time.

Remember the dose does not have to remain high, it depends on your symptoms and how you respond. Some people can taper right down once their body has come back onto balance, others may need to stay on a higher dose.

With regards to your question "Does topical progesterone actually lower serum estradiol levels", Keep in mind it is not necessarily about lowering your estrogen levels but rather about the balance of your hormones in relation to each other, it is the ratios that count. We need all the hormones but due to the high level of xenoestrogens in our environment it may be necessary to supplement with progesterone to restore the ratio balance. Please refer to the test results we do based on the dosage amounts Wray recommends. They're conducted by a naturopath, who reports her patients all felt well once their ratios were up.
Saliva test results

Please also read these pages:

Progesterone reduced my estrogen and raised testosterone

Progesterone and hypertension

Man on natural progesterone cream 810mg a day

Progesterone boosted my quality of life

What I would advise is finding an endocrinologist or naturopath, and one who does understands the difference between bio-identical progesterone and progestins and consult with them about your hormone ratios and levels.

Wishing you well

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