Long, irregular, periods and progesterone cream

by Ann

I am a 43 yo woman and my periods are doing some odd things. From the time I got my period till I was about 34 I had really heavy periods cycles that were always late (35-45 days) and extremely painful. I saw docs and they all patted my head and tried to get me to go on BC which I didn't want to do. When I turned 34 the pain miraculously went away and my periods cycles got shorter (22 - 30ish days) and were still very heavy, if not even worse.

Now to fast forward to about a year or so ago. I started have sweats and really light periods. like 2 days long. Heavy at first and slowing down by the end of the 1st day or sometimes being just light all the way through. I also had terrible spotting before my period for days etc.. I saw my ND and she eventually said lets try progesterone cream. I am seeing her for Lyme disease as well and thyroid issues. I am currently taking 50 to 75 mg of compounded progesterone cream and was told to take it cont. with no breaks, which I did for about 4 months. Then I started to follow the taking 10 or so days off around my cycle.

Up to that point I felt great! My chin hair had slowed down i growth and my hair stopped shedding. I even lost some weight. I am not sure if the weight loss is from the cream or being ill, though. It seems once I took a break all hell broke loose and I have no idea if its just perimenopause starting up or if its the progesterone cream use. So I took a break off it for my cycle and then the next cycle went totally rogue on me. It was 13 days late and heavy for the first few days then tapered off but kept going, bright red but slow for about 18 days. i had one day in there around day 15 where it starting flowing fast and I had something rather large (sorry for the TMI) and clot like come out of me.

The next cycle after that was 17 days late and I am on it now. It should be done now but its not. Bright red again and on day 3 really scary heavy for about 2 hours then it slowed down again. This really not normal for me and because of how long the period was before this and with my trying to follow a 28 day cycle I really haven't used the cream for about 2 cycles now. My point is going off progesterone did not help the issue so I don't think its the cream. I haven't had the cream for about 2 cycles now because they have been so damn long.

Everywhere I read on the net scares me because they make me feel I threw my hormones off by using the darn cream in the first place but part of me isn't buying into that.

What do any of you ladies think? I could use some solid grounded advice here. I see my ND next week and I guess I better make an appt with my GP so I can get some tests done. This prolonged bleeds scare me, some.

Thank you for your time,

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