Years of suffering; Hysterectomy

by Jennifer Newton
(Keller, Texas)

Hi, I had a total hysterectomy (no ovaries, no uterus) back in late 2007 from a doctor’s recommendation. This was based off of my past of ovarian cysts. I only had one due to another doctor took one when I was 17 due to cysts on that one ovary. Now, I think it was only about money as surgery brings money. Both were old school doctors. The doctor who had performed the hysterectomy said that I had two children already do it would be fine to move forward. (Hurts my stomach on how doctors view(ed) women’s health and anatomy) I have been on and off with the estradiol pill and progesterone pill. I never felt good on them and my lady hormone specialist yelled at me for not staying on these prescriptions. She had become VERY frustrated with me always looking for a better way or trying to figure out if the dosing wasn’t working. (She knew best bc she is the doctor you know). I finally quit seeing her but I have been through a MULTITUDE of doctors. ALL estradiol patches quickly put me into medical PCOS. My testosterone levels would raise as well as estrogen. I f we let terrible.. face broke out horribly, I lost my waist line, breasts swelled and became tender, moody, my hair was gross (hair loss has been happening since hysterectomy and got worse within the past 2 years)… tried the pellets for a year with estrogen and testosterone. This was back in the year of 2019. That was pretty horrible with more hair loss etc. I took the progesterone (prometrium) off and on because progesterone pills just made me feel worse. They put me to sleep quickly but always gave me puffy eyes and even darker circles under my eyes. Forgot to mention, 2 years after my hysterectomy, I had been on no hormones at all. My boss was relentlessly on us to have the flu shot (2009). I finally gave in after being tired of hearing him. I almost died. Was SO very sick right after the shot, bed ridden, etc and dark circles under the eyes immediately that have never went away. Not long after, I began the hormone journey, desperate to feel better but not knowing what to do with anything and never felt recovered after the self given flu that I’d never had in my life. Rapid aging, tired, thyroid tag started rising and have battled off and on with that. I kept telling doctors that my TSH would start coming back down (from a 5 most times) every time I took the 100 progesterone pill but they all acted as if I was speaking crazy talk and ignored anything I said. I’m so tired and so disgusted by the medical community on as a whole. The greed, the mainstream thinking, disregard for women’s health and just a general disregard for anything not textbook. From all I have learned, the one doctor should have never given me a hysterectomy. All of this breaks my heart. I feel broken. I was a beautiful, confident, mild tempered woman that has turned into something unrecognizable to myself in just a short time. The rapid aging had started almost immediately after the hysterectomy at 27. I felt broken down at 30 and was told repeatedly that it was because I was getting older?!?! At THIRTY??? So here I am, 42. It’s been the worst 14 1/2 years of my life and feel my vibrancy has just been fading at warped speed; dying from the inside out. I have ordered the NatPro Progesterone and started using about a week ago. 200 mg vaginal/topically after reading your website like crazy. And since yesterday, 50 in the morning and 50 in the evening, mostly vaginal but a little topically. If I kept using 200, I got a headache. But only after the week and a half. I just started using estradiol/estrone cream (about half a pump (full pump is .5). I use about once or twice a week vaginally closer to the outside and around the opening. I don’t feel right without any estrogen but feel like I’m very sensitive to estrogen and want to use as little as possible. I also have insomnia here lately but I have been feeling more calm starting the P cream but still moody a little here and there, have energy more than I did and noticed the 2 spots on my left hand disappearing where I put the cream??? The few spots on my right have lightened up. Oh, not to mention over the past few years that I have white spots that popped up on my legs like the pigment is missing. They are little round white spots dotted on my legs. I used to look 10 years younger until my hysterectomy and felt I would age well until then. Had no idea how our bodies worked until it didn't. Health class in school is apparently very inadequate. We just trust our doctors blindly I guess until stuff hits the fan. Do you have any advise for anyone like me??? I also bought NAC 1000 mg supplement, Inositol 900 mg, sublingual vitamin D3 5,000 (my D tests are usually around 32-35) and vitamin C. I am hoping for reversing as much as possible. History on health… I smoked for about 13 years but quit a year and a half ago (wished this has been sooner), I eat very healthy… organic, grass fed, mostly low glycemic fruits, I do have some grains here and there but is organic etc but not often, plenty of water m but I do have the occasional soda, I work from home and try very hard for low stress, have been a single, divorced mother of 2 boys doing absolutely everything by myself financially, emotionally, mentally do that has not helped anything over the years especially with the hysterectomy. My hair turned white almost overnight after the surgery but I still color my hair. Oh snd have lost almost all of my eyebrows even though my thyroid levels show normal. The only prescription I am on is the thyroid bc I begged the doctor when my tsh reached almost 5 again snd just wanted to feel better. This has been for 7 months on that med now. My hair didn’t start feeling better until I quit the estrogen patches (trued 0.014 all the way to .5 mg). My hair is still dropping but hoping the progesterone cream will finally help. It seems to be slowing down but crossing my fingers that it’s not just wishful. It was falling out still horribly with the patch and thyroid hormone. The progesterone pill I took off and on. The P pill gave me heart burn pretty bad on top of it. Through much struggling such as coloring my hair, and trying my best to maintain a good weight (132) 5 ft 4. I used to be able to eat anything before my surgery. Struggling and spending on hair color, botox on my forehead and crows feet (finally this year bc it was awful), expensive concealer under the eyes and trying to dress the best I can, i don’t look as terrible as I sound but I’m hanging on by a thread. With no makeup, a good eyebrow pencil, hair color on thinning hair as bc botox this year, I would look like a chemo patient. I’m not exaggerating. I have had every medical tests you can imagine for all kinds of strange issues that come and then disappear. I have a history of elevated cholesterol but I suspect I’ve had a progesterone issue this whole entire time since high school with a history of horrible painful periods, endometriosis and do on. I apologize that this is so lengthy but this is the first time that I’ve come across people who have a clue and match a lot of my own research but no doctors who are as knowledgeable. Doctors are always feeling like none of my issues are too big a deal. Not until I have heart disease, heart attack of worse which is the way I’m going unless there is good intervention for my female issues.

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Oct 05, 2021
Years of suffering from Hysterectomy
by: Joy

​Hi Jennifer

I noticed that you posted the same thing on a new submission. I will delete that one​ we only need one post.​

Gosh what a terrible time you have had to endure! Please don't get me started on the 'money making racket'! Most surgeries, unless there is something sinister going on, usually doesn't require surgery! I'll leave it right there.

Was the cyst that was removed when you were 17 cancerous? Most cysts are caused by excess estrogen. I used to be riddled with breast and ovarian cysts and it was only when I started to use progesterone that ALL my cysts disappeared. Please read the page on​ ​Cysts.​​ I am even more gobbed smacked at the doctor saying that because you had two children it would be ok to go ahead with the hysterectomy. Again was cancer involved?

As you read through this website you will see that we do not believe that any woman needs to take any extra estrogen. There are well over 100 estrogen mimics in our​ ​Environmental Toxins​​ as it is, why take more? Was it a natural progesterone pill that you were given or what is a progestin pill? Progestin is synthetic. I am not surprised that you didn't feel good on those pills. How dare that specialist yell at you? It is your body, you can do with it as you please. I always, always say "listen to your body". It knows exactly what it wants and needs. All the patches etc that you were given has cause​d ​Estrogen Dominance​​ symptoms.​ Were you actually diagnosed with​ ​PCOS?​​ I don't believe that any woman needs to be given testosterone either, it's a male hormone after all. You developed​ ​Acne​​ ​because of the testosterone as well as hair loss.​​ Pellets should be taken off the market​ as far as I am concerned.​ If you do a search here on this website on Pellets you can read how horrendous it is.

Progesterone cream is the best​ ​Delivery Method.​ It does however depend on what cream you use. Advice given on this website is based on Natpro Progesterone Cream which is a 3.​33​% cream. If you use any other cream you will need to adjust accordingly. Please read the​ ​How to use Progesterone Cream​​ page.​ I see that you have ordered Natpro, thank you. If not used correctly it will not work, same applies to all progesterone creams. Between 100-200mg per day is needed. More may be needed in the beginning, it all depends on how severe your symptoms are. As you are in​ ​Menopause​​ use the cream every day with no breaks. Use half in the morning and the other half at night. It is excellent when inserted in the vagina at night. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory and helps to get rid of all those little "nasties' they may be lurking there. It also helps with sleep, it certainly does for me.

Your body will react when first using it. Al​l​ sorts of aches and pains will take place. Please ignore these and continue using​ it. It can take anything from 2-6 months before one notices the benefits​. I see that you are using 100mg per day. I don't believe that is enough for you, please increase to 200mg and see how you get on. You may need to use more as already mentioned. Exper​iment​ to see what works for you best.

Progesterone also helps with thyroid provided it is not too back. A lack of ​​Vitamin D3​​ also affects the thyroid. I am happy that you are taking the nutrients that you are taking, please don't forget the co-factors that must be taken when taking D3, all explained on the page.

Again, use the search bar, look up ​endometriosis and hair loss, it is caused by oxidative stress and excess estrogen. I really do not recommend that you take or use the estrogen that you are currently using, as mentioned, no women needs to take extra.

Progesterone will certainly help you provided it is used correctly. If you decide to continue with estrogen it will just cause you to remain in a permanent state of estrogen dominance. You will have to use a lot of progesterone to counteract that. Progesterone needs to be the dominant hormone at all times.

​I wish you well on your progesterone journey. Stay positive, it will help you.​

Oct 06, 2021
I've been there ...
by: Karen R

Such a sad story and one I can fully empathise with. I also had an ovary removed due to a cyst and there was talk of removing the other one, but by that time I had started doing my own research and found this site for progesterone and another site called ForeFront Health for the thyroid.

I firmly believe the excess estrogen was blocking my thyroid pathway causing similar symptoms to you, so between supplementing with thyroid NDT, progesterone and supporting vitamins, after around 6 months I was finally getting there, although it took around a year to feel normal again :-)

Well done on being your own Doctor, you are on the path to recovery now if you follow all the advice here. Wishing you well very soon.

Oct 06, 2021
I've been there ...
by: Joy

Hi Karen R

Many thanks for your words of encouragement to to Jennifer. It is so wonderful to receive positive feedback. You are so right about excess estrogen, it causes so many issues.

I am pleased to read that you are feeling much better now.

All the best.

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