Yam extract

by bill
(Orlando, Florida)

My wife is estrogen positive, progesterone positive, had lumpectomy, clear margins, no lymph node involvement, oncotype DX 13. no radiation, no chemo, going all natural.

Everyone says no Soy, as it feeds cancer. She wants to take natural progesterone. Some say processed yam extract does convert or is converted by the manufacturer or the body into T3. In responding to another blogger, you indicate yam extract does not or cannot be converted to T3, can you expand on point and does the body convert it.

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Apr 07, 2015
Yam extract
by: Wray

Hi Bill I'm pleased your wife wants to go the natural route. We do have a page on Cancer you could look through, plus this page here and another here. I've not heard of soy feeding cancer, in fact I can't see how it can. Cancer feeds off sugar, which is why the ketogenic diet is having success at reversing it. For more info see these pages here, here and here. The body cannot convert diosgenin or stigmasterol, two commonly used plant sterols, into progesterone, this has to be done in a lab. I'm really puzzled by the mention of T3, particularly in reference to progesterone. T3 is one of the thyroid hormones, and is made from protein, whereas progesterone is a steroid hormone and is made from fat, or to be precise from cholesterol. The thyroid gland makes T4 from the amino acid tyrosine, combined with iodine, it's called thyroxine. This is then converted mainly by the liver and kidneys, into T3 or triiodothyronine, the conversion needs the mineral selenium as a co-factor. Take care Wray

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