worried with 2 miscarriages in the past and preg now..

by Brittany Villegas

Well... i had my first child at 17.. last year (21) i had gotten pregnant but lost it at 8 weeks and they couldnt tell me why... had to get a dnc and they said keep trying... well me and my husband started trying again..and 7 months later i got preg agaon..bit then miscarried at 5 weeks... still, couldnt tell me why. But that one was a natural moscarriage... we went 6 months with trying again and nothin happened so went to my doc and he put me on clomid to speed things up for me.. so i took clomid on days 5-9 and then took a preg test 6 days before my period and it came up pos :) we were/are soooo doc had told soon as you get a pos reault to call i did.. and wothin 10 min he sent a script for 200mg progesterone suppositories.. to do wach night at bedtime... i should be around 4 weeks now.. but im worried. Cant help but think about the past ya know? My husband is now 34 and im 22... he has no children of his own and wants one soooooo bad... my son is now 5 and i feel like its time for another one. But did i get started on the progesterone in time? How effective are they? How many ppl have had consecitive miscarriages and had no answers but then was put on progesterone and worked? Questions... :(( if you can answer i would greatly appreciate it. Even email me if you can as i dont really unserstamd how to check this site for responses. Thank you in advance!

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