Will progesterone cream help me?

by Chris

Man 57 on trt for 4 years (since July 2019).
Take 10 mg micronized DHEA and 10 mg micronized Pregnenelone every day.
Take 60 mg test enth. e6d.
Last year in March I suddenly got bad insomnia and anxiety, upped my pregnenolone dose to 50 mg a day and stopped DHEA. After 2 days I was sleeping like a rock, but after 6 months using 50 mg pregnenolone a day I got sleep issues again, not as bad as last time but usually woke up in the middle of the night unable to get back to sleep.
Lowered the pregnenolone dose to 10 mg a day and my sleep improved but not as good as before the last sleep issues started. Then this June I went on vacation on Cyprus and after 3 days there I slept like a rock! And it lasted for a couple of weeks after the vacation, but then my sleep issues returned. Why did I sleep like a baby when I was in Cyprus? Sun exposure?
Now I have had bad insomnia for a couple of weeks and I’m exhausted, checked my serum levels for 17OH-pregnenolone, 17OH-DHEA, Progesterone and 17OH-Progesterone. DHEA was mid-range but the other tests was undetectable.
So, the situation is that I have undetectable serum levels of 17OH-Pregnenelone and Progesterone…
I got compounded progesterone cream 1.7% (17 mg pr. gram) at the pharmacy.

Should I try applying half a gram (one gram) twice a day to my inner thighs and do that for a week to see if there are any improvement in well being and sleep?

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Aug 21, 2023
Will progesterone cream help me?
by: Justine

Hello Chris,

Yes you can try applying 1g of the progesterone twice a day, this would give you a dose of 34mg of progesterone over a 24hour period. You will need to experiment with the dose to see what works best for you but your initial decision sounds like a good one to start with. Some men go up to 100mg per day but it is better to start lower and work up if needed.

Have you tested your Vitamin D3 levels or do you supplement with Vitamin D3? If not it would be a good idea to supplement with Vit.D. A lack of vitamin D can also negate the positive effects of progesterone.

Please take a look at these pages here, here, here and here.

Please let us know how you get on with the progesterone.

Warm wishes,

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