Eliminating BPH and Raising Testosterone without shots

by Paul
(Nashville, TN)

I'm a 62 year man who is quite healthy with the exception of BPH which gets me up 2-3 times a night. I started studying medical research papers about 2 years ago in regard to heart disease as the advice I was getting from my PCP made no sense (the "high Cholesterol is the cause heart disease" misinformation which has sold billions in statins...but I digress).

Then when my BPH started getting worse I turned my guns on understanding hormones and read everything I could get my hands on. I found your comprehensive web site very helpful which actually quotes real research in understandable terms and the interpretation makes sense.

I went to the best specialist in anti-aging I could find and got back my test results this week:
Serum Test:
SHBG: 35 nmo/l
Free T: 57 pg/ml
T BioAv: 122 ng/dl
Albumin: 4.7 g/dl
T Total: 456 ng/dl
Dihydrotestoserone: 26 ng/ml
Esertone: 52 pg/nl
Estradiol: 24 pg/nl
Parathyroid hormone intact: 65 pg/nl
Pregnenolone: 67 ng/dl

ZRT Saliva Test:
Estradiol: 1.4 pg/ml
Progesterone: 67
Testosterone: 85 (excellent for my age)
DHEAS: 20 ng/ml (excellent for my age)
Cortisol (morning only tested): 7.4 ng/ml
Vitamin D: 40 (up from 26 in 4 months by using 10,000 IU's a day of D3 sublingual drops)

He is suggesting I go on a blend of T cypionate and propionate twice a week via shots in the upper arm - forever - to keep my Testosterone levels up and this *may* help my BPH.

This sounds neither logical nor a lifestyle I want to pursue. Who wants the expense and life style of T shots for the rest of their lives?

I feel generally good - except for the BPH. I want to stay in front of my age - but not by adapting some life-altering protocol that may dramatically change my otherwise excellent hormone production faculties.

I know from studying bioidentical Progesterone that it is probably the safest hormone you can take if taken topically - and you check the cream base against the European banned cosmetic ingredients list. (you would not believe what I found in some Progesterone cream bases...some U.S. cream base ingredients are banned as carcinogens and xenogens in Europe).

I know from exploring my wife's HRT issues that the ratio of Esradiol to Progesterone is important.
In a female this should be 1:200 or better. Mine is about 1:47.

I would like to know what the E to P ratio should be for men?
I would also like to know what are the hormonal mechanisms that actually cause and reverse BPH.

Thanks for the help, I will be happy to report back on my solutions.

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Sep 28, 2015
Eliminating BPH and Raising Testosterone without shots
by: Wray

Hi Paul I cannot follow the reasoning behind your doctors suggestion of staying 'forever' on T shots! Particularly as it's in range, but then so is your progesterone and oestrogen. As you found your E2:P is 1:47, while your T:P is 1:60. We've found so often this is the case with women too, everything is in 'range' and therefore there is no reason for concern, everything is 'normal'. But all too often it's far from normal, as you have discovered. When it comes to ratios I find them interesting, but not of great help. I prefer to go by symptoms, and one thing I do know progesterone is excellent for BPH. I think chiefly because of it's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also inhibits aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to oestrogen, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. And looking at your ratios, your oestrogen is too high. This makes sense as it's an inflammatory hormone. We do have a page on Hormone Testing you could look through. The ratio of E:P in men is usually greater than 1:200, while E:T is between 1:200-300. One thing I can say, if you do go for the shots you will find they will unbalance your existing profile and probably give you Man Boobs. By giving a man too much testosterone, aromatase will quickly convert it to oestrogen, hence the moobs. This is a comment from one of our users who had BPH, see here. David G Mills always has excellent info too, see here. I'm delighted you took the trouble to look into the ingredients in some progesterone creams, I have too and can only agree with you. We have tried to keep our cream as simple and safe as possible. I'm relieved you are also getting your Vitamin D levels up, you might be interested to learn this is a far cheaper and safer way to raise your testosterone, see here and here. I can't tell you how much progesterone you will need, it is trial and error. Some men do well on only 10mg/day, whereas we have men using up to 100mg/day. Do let us know how you get on. Take care Wray

Sep 28, 2015
Start High or Low?
by: Paul

Thank you Wray.
Given my numbers I was wondering what others have experienced in terms of initial dosing.
Should start a high dose (say 50mg) and then reduce, or start low (say 10mg) and work my way up?

I believe you recommended for women that it's better for them to start high to avoid the Progesterone to Cortisol Shunt but I'm not sure if that applies to male chemistry.



Sep 28, 2015
See my post here about raising my testostereone
by: davidgmills

lowering my estrogen, and eliminating my bph.

Sep 29, 2015
Start High or Low?
by: Wray

Hi Paul I would always recommend starting high, even men can experience Oestrogen Dominance symptoms! Just keep an eye open for them. Take care Wray

Sep 01, 2017
Raising Testosterone
by: Ran

When I was 61 or 62 my Doctor tested my free T, it was 658. Not about to tell me anything about that, I checked online, 25-29 yr old male. I was on a cholesterol free diet at the time. My high Testosterone was probably from 25 mg DHEA daily and Progesterone.

May 12, 2023
Progesterone and BPH
by: Cecil

I started applying Now progesterone cream to my scrotum and perineum 2x daily. Within 3 days I noticed significantly better voiding and usually go all night without getting up to urinate.

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