Will hair thinning continue

by Zoe

Hi Wray,
I am 27 and started using Natpro 5 weeks ago to overcome terrible side effects of the mirena. I had the mirena in three months and had it removed as I developed cystic acne, joint pain and depression/rage.

Since using natpro (daily to encourage regular cycle post mirena; 3/4 a teaspoon morning and night) a tube lasts me 7 days I have noticed the inflammation of the cystic acne has dramatically reduced and now the few pimples I get are small and dont last long. My rage and joint pain has reduced but my depression is still lingering.

Over the last two weeks I have notice my hair has thinned substantially and it is becoming more noticeable as I have huge bald patches at the front of my scalp.

I have been taking multiple supplements daily which include:
Evening primrose oil
Fish oil
Liver detoxing supplements
And I have regular Epsom salt baths...

My questions is am I still not using enough natpro progesterone cream? I don't feel like I am suffering with oestrogen dominance but the hair thinning probably suggests otherwise. I have read your pages on hair thinning and don't know what to do next. If I continue with the natpro will the hair thinning settle and how long could this take. I don't want to lose anymore hair!!


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Aug 10, 2015
follow along
by: letitia

have the same problem, want to follow along

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