Will chlorine reduce progesterone levels

by Susan
(Perth, Australia)

Hi Wray
Could you please tell me if the chlorine in public swimming pool will reduce the progesterone levels in my body? Although I lead an active life I have just begun to swim 5 days a week for an hour each time and noticed that I've been feeling quite warm again for about 2-3hrs after I've come home and showered. The other thing could be that I was running low on the Natpro and had to stretch it out because of overload on postal services over christmas as I was awaiting an order to arrive. The pool is an outdoor facility which I love coz the chlorine doesn't seem to be as strong or maybe it's the access to fresh air instead of an indoor pool where the smell is overwhelming. BTW my order came through and I've just up'd the dose from 2-2.5tsp to about 3tsp just for the first few days and that has seemed to settle me down again. Thanks again for your help I really appreciate it and your wealth of good advise and knowledge.

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Jan 07, 2012
Will chlorine reduce progesterone levels
by: Wray

Hi Susan You have set me a poser! I have absolutely no info on whether chlorine could affect progesterone levels. And having looked on the web can't find much either. PubMed has this most extraordinary study, see here. Why would anyone want to spray our hormones on barley leaves?! This one on chlorines effects on various hormones is interesting, but is it significant? See here. It does oxidise the oestrogens, but not progesterone. But the study was done on molecules, not on skin absorption. Chlorine is a toxin, and many of the pesticides used have chlorine as part of the molecule. Out of interest these are two here and here. And these are two papers on chlorinated water, see here and here. So we're none the wiser! But if I should come across something I will let you know. I just hope it's due to stretching the Natpro. Take care Wray

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