Where is my period?

by Martha

I am 46 years old, perimenopausal and symptoms have been getting me down recently so I began natural progesterone application at the commencement of my last luteal phase until day 14 which was six days ago! Night sweats disappeared totally and my anxiety levels improved but I have had water retention amounting to 2.5kg on the scales coupled with extreme bloating, which has, happily subsided in the last two days. I still have no period however and I'm concerned about that because while bleedling in the last year has been extremely light, one day at most with a day or two of spotting thereafter, they are usually pretty regular, between 26 - 28 day cycles. Do I go back on progesterone even though I have not had a period or should I wait until a period and begin as advised again? Confused. Please help!

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Mar 22, 2013
Where is my period?
by: Wray

Hi Mary I'm very confused about when you used the progesterone. You said 'at the commencement of my last luteal phase until day 14'. Day 14 in your case, as your cycle is 26-28 days, is the start of the luteal phase, not the end of it which appears to be when you used it. i.e. it should be used from ovulation for the next 12-14 days, ending on day 28. I'm delighted the night sweats have gone, as they usually require about 400mg/day, and I doubt you're using this much. The water retention points to this. Progesterone stimulates oestrogen initially, so you would need more than you are currently using to get rid of it. I usually recommend 100-200mg/day. Progesterone does upset the cycle, making it either earlier or later than normal, it's nothing to worry about. Waiting until you get a period would mean your symptoms would come back, so I feel it's better to start it again now. I do recommend using it daily, through any bleeding, for 2-3 months to suppress excess oestrogen, and make progesterone the dominant hormone if symptoms are severe, or the cycle has been disrupted. We do have more info on our page about Peri-menopause, also on our page How to use progesterone cream. Finally if you wish to chat to someone, please contact Julienne via her website here. She lives in London. Take care Wray

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