Where Is It Safest to Apply Progesterone Cream?

by Chyrise
(Burbank, CA)

Hi Wray, I read on your site that it's ok to apply progesterone cream anywhere on the body. I noticed, however, that if I put it on my abdomen, I suffer constipation, gas and bloating. I have an intestinal candida problem which I'm sure aggravates the issue.

I decided to experiment and not put it on my abdomen and my bowel regularity has improved. I'm concerned about applying it to my back (which I have to do to achieve the 150 mg per day I apply) because of the proximity to my kidneys. Basically my question is, can the cream affect the internal organs in a negative way if applied to the abdomen or back? It kind of surprised me the constipation I experienced once I started applying it to my abdomen. Now, the symptoms are gone since I stopped. Thanks.

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Jan 13, 2011
Where Is It Safest to Apply Progesterone Cream?
by: Wray

Hi Chyrise Progesterone does travel within minutes around the entire body, but has a quicker affect if applied directly to the problem area. In your case it's stimulating oestrogen in your abdomen area, oestrogen causes water retention which leads to constipation. It also causes bloating. This would indicate you still have excess oestrogen circulating. As its unpleasant, I would avoid that area for now, until such time progesterone becomes the dominant hormone. Progesterone is an excellent diuretic, many finding their constipation resolves when they start using it. We're all so different, it would make my life much easier if we weren't! So it is safe to use anywhere, but do avoid that area for now. I'm surprised you have to put it on your back, not that's not a good place, but maybe the cream you are using is not a high strength? And you have to use a lot of cream to get the 150mg progesterone? I use about 170mg/day and use it 3-4 times a day, maybe you could consider this. Please read through our page on Candida. Progesterone is helpful, especially if it appears in the vagina, in which case apply some of the cream there at night. I've found caprylic acid the most affective means of getting rid of it. I prefer to use the oil form, this gives 3000mg caprylic acid per 5ml teaspoon. Not only does it have an affect in the gut, but the oil is not changed in the gut, or bound to chylomicrons for transport round the body. So it's still affective once in the blood stream. Take care Wray

Jun 15, 2023
3000mg caprylic acid
by: Shonna

I'm curious, what brand and where to you buy 3000mg caprylic acid in liquid form?


Jun 16, 2023
3000mg caprylic acid
by: Joy

Hi Shonna

I don't know where you live but my guess would be to look at your local health stores or order online. Never buy the cheapest of anything as that would be a poorer quality.

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