When will the Progesterone Restock

by Lisa

Hi! I am just about out of my cream! I have been trying for almost a week to order three tubes (so that I don't run out this time!). But everyday it says temporarily out of stock. And I also wanted to ask what do I do when I run out. I don't want to go back to the Emerita I was taking because as I have read, it's from the wild Mexican yam which does not convert in our bodies. Should I just wait until the cream comes back in stock. And I'm worried about what will happen if I stop the cream. Please help and let me know!!! Thanks so much!

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Feb 10, 2015
When will the Progesterone Restock
by: Wray

Hi Lisa I apologise about the stock out. The cream should be in this week, but there's no telling exactly when. We do have a distributor in NY who could help you out. Her name is Jade and her email is And Emerita's cream does not contain wild yam, the diosgenin extracted from the yam is converted into progesterone. This is the case with all the progesterone creams on the market. The plant steroid has to first be extracted, then converted. There are many plants which can be used for this. Take care Wray

Feb 10, 2015
by: Lisa

Thanks Wray! I did get in contact with your NY contact and she has mailed my cream. But thanks for clearing up about the Emerita. I will keep it on hand for emergency. Such as tonight. I know that I have to use more than Natpro. I'm just glad that my Natpro is on the way! I ordered three tubes this time!
Thanks again. Lisa

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