When to start Natpro after pregnancy

by Aliki V. Strydom-Hensen
(New Zealand)

When can I start with Natpro again once my child is born? I used Natpro up until the birth of my son, but not since then. He is now almost 4 weeks old and my vaginal discharge has stopped.

Also, my son has what the midwife calls hormonal spots on his body, apparently due to the hormones that came from mom during birth. Could I give him Natpro to balance his hormones?

Your advice will be much appreciated.

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Jun 02, 2010
When to start Natpro after pregnancy
by: Wray

Hi Aliki. I'm so delighted you used it throughout your pregnancy, so many women do now and feel better for it. As for when you can start it, as soon as you like! In fact there was no need to have stopped it. Please read what Dr Dalton says about using it here.

She has this to say too "Progesterone helps breastfeeding and mothers need not worry that it will upset their babies." I can't say if the progesterone will help the spots, but in all probability it will, as they are due to the androgens found in the mother. This is one of the reasons teenage boys get acne far worse than girls, their higher testosterone levels. I can tell you he will sleep very well! I've just helped a woman who's 1 year old baby was not sleeping at all, or so it seemed to her. The baby was also very anxious, angry and clinging. She used a pin head amount of cream on her feet, and within 2 hours she was asleep. I suggest you use slightly less than this amount too, once a day until you see it's helping and do let us know if it helps. Vitamin D is essential for healthy skin too, is he getting enough sun? A lack of vitamin D reduces the benefits of progesterone. Take care, Wray

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