When do you suggest I start?

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15 Oct 2010
15 Nov 2010
12 Dec 2010

Generally I bleed for about 5 days, each cycle... Now I have two questions...

1) I have bought two bottles of Natpro. When do you suggest I start using it? I read your "how to use progesterone" but am struggling to understand it, could you therefore give me a date as to when I should start as I have no clue when I start ovulating.

2)What will happen if one uses Natpro and take an Antibirth pill at the same time? Antibirth pill is called Microgynon 30. Will the two cancel eachother out?

Many thanks.

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Dec 31, 2010
When do you suggest I start?
by: Wray

Hi there Most women haven't a clue as to when they ovulate. There are a number of ways to check, one is mucus coming away from the vagina. The other is taking your temperature, progesterone is thermogenic, so the temp rises slightly once we ovulate. Another way is to count backwards from when you bleed. You say you bleed ±12th to the 15th of each month, which means you should bleed again ± 12-15th Jan. Ovulation always occurs in all women 12-14 days before we bleed. So in your case you would ovulate ± 1st Jan. I suggest you start using the cream then, it's not critical to be exact unless you are wanting to fall pregnant. Microgynon contains a progestin, this lowers progesterone levels. Please see our page on Contraceptives. The only safe contraceptive is the copper T IUD, more about this on the link above. Take care Wray

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