When do I stop progesterone?

by Christine

Hello Wray,

I get my period on day 27. When should I start progesterone and when should I stop it so my period comes?

I was taking progesterone via a compounding Pharmacy 15mg day 1-14, 40 mg days 15-25. This is because I learned that I cannot be off progesterone without feeling worse.

I increased my dosage to 100mg as of a few days ago). Yesterday was day 25. This morning I used 50 mgs as last night I woke with anxiety, hot flash, nausea in waves. Thyroid hurt a bit too. This morning

I have had 32 fibroids removed and a dermoid cyst Sept. 2013. Have 15 new fibroids. When I forgot to increase my progesterone dose from 15mg to 40mg last week Monday, I had horrible dizziness, nausea and fatigue. I typically don't feel good but when this happened, I immediately realized that progesterone helps me and maybe I need more. That is why I came to your website!

Any advice you could give would be most appreciated it!!!


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