What is the best way to test progesterone and estrogen levels while on Natpro?

by Carrie

I have been taking Natpro for about 3 months. I would like to see where my levels are now. My naturopath doctor says that I wouldn't get accurate results with saliva testing while on the Natpro. She says the blood test wouldn't measure the levels in tissues.

How can I find out what my ratio is now?

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Apr 26, 2019
What is the best way to test progesterone and estrogen levels while
by: Joy

Hi Carrie

Ideally progesterone levels should be tested before progesterone therapy is started, then test again a few months later to see how things are going. It's no good stopping now to test levels as you need to know what your level is while using it. If you stop using progesterone before a test it will obviously give a low result. Both saliva or blood tests are recommended. You need tests results to work out your ratio.Please read the Hormone Testing page it explains all about ratios etc.

If you have problems having tests done you can order them online, ZRT Labs or Birmingham Hospital do them.

Apr 27, 2019
testing hormone levels
by: Carrie


Thank you for your reply.

If I'm on Natpro and I do a blood test now, will I get accurate results that I can compare to my results before Natpro? I have been on Natpro for 3 months.

Should I not apply the cream on the day of the bloodwork until after the test? Could cream applied that day skew the results?

I read that the ideal ratio is 600:1 for the saliva test. Is that the same ideal ratio for a blood test?

Apr 29, 2019
Testing Hormone Levels
by: Joy

Hi Carrie

If you had tests done before using Natpro then compare the test results to the test that you have while using Natpro. It will give you an idea on how your level is improving while using progesterone. Don't stop because you are having a test done. If you are supposed to use the cream on day of test, then use it.

No matter what test you have done, whether it is saliva and blood, the ratio should be around 600:1 as explained on the website.

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