What if Aromatase is too high?

by Markus

Hi, I`m sucking all that information on this page in and it fascinates me a lot, how the interaction between progesterone and the other hormones in males seems to function. But as i read all articles, i can`t find a proper solution to my own problem..

My endocrinologist put me on TRT (twice) to solve some major problems, but it was a big miss. First cycle (about 4 weeks) my estrogen was kicked through the roof (start value 15 raised to 35!) and, believe it or not, my testosterone was fallen from 84 to 80!
It seems my aromatase activity is much too strong. So after 2 weeks "regeneration" my doc started a second try with TRT and now just right after 3 days my symptoms got worse than ever, from high blood pressure, sweating, temperature risen to headaches and depressive feelings.

So my questions is, is it possible to definitely lower the aromatase activity with supplementing progesterone? Because every approach to rise my testosterone will fail with aromatase.

Thanks for your support!

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May 22, 2015
What if Aromatase is too high?
by: Wray

Hi Markus Thanks for the kind words about the site. It's very interesting but all the men who are put onto TRT experience the same problems. In fact added testosterone is a cause of Man Boobs. As a man gets older his aromatase does rise, and with it oestrogen. But it seems even young men are affected adversely by TRT. It appears to be a reaction by the body, it tries to keep a balance, so if testosterone rises, it will be converted to oestrogen to bring the level down. So I don't think the answer to low testosterone lies in giving additional testosterone. Please check your Vitamin D levels it could be they are too low. Vitamin D raises testosterone levels, see here and here. Progesterone helps if the problem is a lack of Libido. Factors known to increase aromatase activity include Insulin Resistance, age, obesity, insulin, the gonadotropins LH and FSH, IGF-1 and alcohol. Please check if you are affected by any of these. Progesterone will suppress both LH and FSH. Aromatase activity is decreased by prolactin, AMH (Anti-Müllerian hormone, a protein that affects sexual development of human male embryos), and smoking. None of which I would recommend! Letrozole is a drug given to prevent aromatase from making oestrogen. But methylseleninic acid has also been found to reduce it. Although the one study I've found mentions it in connection with women and not men, aromatase is the same in both sexes. Another natural inhibitor is myomin. It contains aralia, smilax glabra, curcurma zedoria, and cyperus rotundus. Another inhibitor is chrysin. This is an excellent article here that you could look through. It states "As noted, testosterone hyper­aromatization is almost always accompanied by insulin resistance". These are a two pages you might like to read here and here. Take care Wray

May 23, 2015
some more information
by: Markus

Thanks a lot for your reply Wray. I came down the way by some trouble with excessive stress and the related symptoms on the adrenals and cortisol. For sure i had amounts of problems with blood sugar ( i noticed typically symptoms) but i managed to get it balanced and now after some months these symptoms are completely gone. I know stress suppressed the Testosterone too. In the last few months i changed some parts of my life and so the corresponding values including Vitamin D, Cortisol (day profile), Blood values and stuff like Zinc were corrected to normal. My Vitamin D status ist about 60. Interestingly some values are still out of norm, so after the first TRT my prolactin rised about 70%, Estrogen rised about 250%, TSH rised from 2,2 to 2,56 and Testosterone has fallen about 5%. The only funny thing was, i got some more hair (about 5% or so) in the face and at the belly.
So what`s the thing about FSH and LH? As i know a good FSH value means sperm quality and a good LH value means libido, right? But what`s good? higher or lower value? With my TRT try LH decreased about 40% and FSH decreased nearly about 70%. Libido is totally (and i mean totally!) gone, so is the ability to get an erection :(
It seems my body is able to correct some things, but the supressing effects on LH and FSH and the extreme rises in estrogen and prolactin must be a sign of extreme aromatase activity i think. The recent symptoms with the second TRT try seem to come from an abnormal high value in serotonin, i take some ssri daily and i read about excessive estrogen acts somewhat like a mao inhibitor and rises serotonin adittionally.. Just some thoughts, i`m not a doc ;)
Sorry for that long text.

May 27, 2015
Some more information
by: Joy

Hi Markus

Have you tried progesterone cream as Wray suggested? If not, please consider trying it, I am sure that you will find it extremely beneficial.

May 28, 2015
by: Markus

hi Joy,
yep i already bought some progesterone cream and will try it. Second opportunity is arimidex, my doc gave me a prescription for. Didn`t use any of it yet. But i would be very happy if wray could give me some informations about my second informations i have posted.

Jun 01, 2015
by: Alyce

Hey Markus

Well first prize would be to make sure that the progesterone cream is the correct one, nothing can be worse than using a cream that does not have the correct progesterone concentration, trust me I know!!

The side effects of Arimidex scares me, have you read them?? I hope your doctor warned you about them.

Jul 08, 2015
first impressions of progesterone try..
by: Markus

As most of physiological matters were tested with no results (but low testosterone), i tried progesterone cream. It`s hard to find the correct dosage in my opinion. I think about 60mg could be right for me but don`t know for sure.
I bought some at Biovea, ingredients seem to be okay and as i can`t buy it here in Germany without a receipt this was my only possibility.
I`ve read a lot about arimidex too, and i kicked it out of my plan by the side effects scaring me.
So i will go further with progesterone cream, just want to mention it`s not cheap at all if i buy it at biovea. With about 60mg a day one bottle lasts for about half a month and costs 27.-€.
Any chance to get a description from a doctor here in Germany? And could someone tell me for what kind of reactions i have to have an eye on to adjust the dosage?

Jul 11, 2015
First Impressions of Progesterone try ..
by: Joy

Hi Markus

What don't you try Natpro, it costs $25.70 which is cheaper than the brand you are buying and more effective. I shudder to think what woman would pay for Biovea when they need to use 200-500mg per day.

Men, like woman also experience Estrogen Dominance symptoms, so please be aware of this whether you adjust your dose or not.

Jul 17, 2015
by: Markus

Difference in price is not so big as i thought and i have to order it in the US (don`t know if there would be problems with customs duty?). Don`t know how much i will need and where to get "big packs" if needed..

I have some symptoms related to estrogen dominance, but not so severe anymore. Fat around the hips gets more (even if i eat little), mood swings, libido loss (can`t even get an erection by thinking,but i could before all the mess started) and extreme !!! mouth sores.
Any advice greatly appreciated :)

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