What an article......

by RJ
(God's Country)

Hello to you Wray. Hope all is well. The good Lord willing I'm doing pretty good over here. If I could send you an email I'd tell you how I'm doing it...but I'm still on 400-600 mg a day. I wanted to pass on this article. I used to really listen to Mercola, respected his thoughts and analogies, but this has me really wondering about him. Cancers are running rampid in this country as is obesity, which I am very much obese. Why on earth would this man agree that estrogen therapy would save these women when fat cells create high levels of estrogen and every human body has fat cells, more than less. Even though ovaries may be gone, all these fat cells are not and not to mention all the estrogen-like things we encounter just drinking water or walking outdoors. And he is still touting that fat saturation thing too. Maybe in the long run I'll find out using all this progesterone was bad for me, but currently it is the only thing that has helped all my problems and I am not stopping with the usage of it. Take care of yourself and until next time. God Bless you! RJ

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Aug 09, 2013
What an article......
by: Wray

Hi RJ Bless you for your support! So pleased you're still doing ok, it is a difficult time trying to get balanced, and can take so long in some. I do agree with you, but on reading it a second time, he does point out the concerns he has with HRT, particularly the progestins. And the fact that progesterone can't be patented too, but the progestins can, more profit for the drug companies. I have a suspicious mind, the drug companies lost a fortune when the WHI results came out. Are they funding this latest 'study'? He does say "Unfortunately, there is still much unnecessary concern about bioidentical estrogen supplementation. What the FDA, most doctors, and patients do not realize is that bioidentical hormone supplements can actually optimize your health." He also says " And if you have insufficient levels of progesterone to counter excessive estrogen, this imbalance can be further exacerbated by chronic stress." Which as you know I entirely agree with, one reason I advocate high amounts of progesterone. And the more stress you have, the more progesterone you need. And who of us is not stressed?! The next thing which caught my eye is " I recommend discussing your individual situation with an endocrinologist well-versed in bioidentical hormone replacement...." Now that is a very rare breed! And lucky is the woman who finds one. If you're still struggling with weight, you might consider doing the Ketogenic Diet. I'm not sure if we've discussed this before? These are some papers worth reading on it, see here, here, here, here, here and here. It's good hearing from you again. Take care Wray

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