Water retention

by Elleie

I'm a nineteen year old female with thyroid and adrenal issues which are under successful treatment.water retention seems to be an overwhelming issue for so many,it effects my healthy eating and drinking,sleeping and is debilitating and confidence busting.I have been taking wellsprings progesterone since last year,but only in February this year realised it's true significance in my health,but having not yet found this blog I found myself falling prey to the misconception that it was worsening symptoms,simply because I was not applying enough.Eventually in May I consistently applied large amounts,and managed to break a record,my bladder worked for six weeks which it has not done in years.However I naively did not measure my dosage,if I had problems I just slapped a bit more on,so two weeks ago it stopped working consistently,I will wee properly in the morning and at night,but that's generally it.I upped the dosage even more,but not to much avail.Currently I'm out of the cream,some time of it might not do any harm,I've ordered some more,but things like my facial hair have returned,and the sometimes on the cream I was probably seeing too much.When my next batch of cream comes(I've ordered lots as a precaution)I'd just like some guidance as where to go from here,as I'm learning what I can,and trying to take on board the procedure to get best results,just a bit concerned I may have scuppered my progesterone.

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