Very Informative

by Anonymous

Awesome info- unlike anything found on the web, really.
You've really done some serious research-Thank You! It would have taken me months or years to dig this info up.

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Jun 02, 2012
Very Informative
by: Wray

Hi there Many thanks for the kind words! You are right about the years, I've been doing this for 15 now, still learning too. It's essential for me that people can make an informed decision about a problem they're confronted with. Take care Wray

Nov 25, 2014
Feeling much better
by: Cathie

Hi Wray

Thanks very much for your comments regarding the DIM and my 'abnormal oestrogen metabolism' as it has been described to me.
I couldn't find the link to your response so began a new one.
Since reading almost everything on your site and Dr Lee's book I decided to increase the progesterone (without the advice of my doctor)as 1. even though I have a great Dr. her knowledge in this area is limited and 2. I want my life back :)
So far I have been a bit haphazard in increasing the dose but have decided to start at 60mg in the morning and 60 mg at night. I only increased the dose 2 weeks ago and have noticed a positive difference in
my sleeping (still waking at 3.30am but get back to sleep faster and feel much more refreshed), my swollen lymph nodes in my neck and ear aches (that I have had for years) have reduced, no more headaches - although I feel like i have a bit of a heavy head in the mornings, my aching joints - particularly my neck and shoulder (I love to swim) have reduced considerably (and I was forever at the osteopath, chiro, physio, massage therapists) as well as the joints in my fingers and this is just the beginning. I am so I am already saving money not having to have a massage every week, I have discontinued the bio-identical testosterone I was taking (based on your information) - another saving and will not continue with the DIM once I have finished the bottle. Obviously I will spend more on progesterone but happy to do that when I know it is helping!!!!
Unlike some other women who are worried about taking too much progesterone I am not as I believe this is the answer to many of the issues I have had over the years and I am so glad I found your site. Plus I am 52 years old now and who knows when it will end? I would rather take enough progesterone that lets me enjoy life for the next 10 years than spend the next 20-30 years living but miserable because 1. I feel like crap most of the time and 2. scared about the possible consequences i.e. getting cancer or similar from taking bio-identical progesterone!
What frustrates me is the lack of knowledge in the medical world in general about many issues relating to womens health. I also have Hashimotos and had to do alot of research myself eventually finding a great site called 'Stop the Thyroid Madness' I bought the book and gave it to my GP in the hope she passes it around the medical centre. If you decide to publish a book I will do the same!!! In the meantime I will let her know about this website.
Sorry about the rant :) but A BIG THANK YOU to you and the information you provide.

Dec 09, 2014
Feeling much better
by: Wray

Hi Cathie Thanks for the kind words! And as for the rant, you are only expressing what I feel and have felt for years. I wish the medical profession would wake up about women's problems in general and progesterone in particular. It's not the b-all and end all, but it can help enormously. And not just for Peri-menopause or Menopause, but during puberty and long after menopause too. I'm now 66, I've used it for 18 years and will continue to the day I die! It's very protective against many things, particularly those things which afflict us. It's an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory and an anxiolytic. It's protective against Cancer too, see here and here. Stop the Thyroid Madness is a good site, another which gives a comprehensive list of symptoms is here. I've found the overlap in symptoms for low progesterone and hypothyroidism are so similar it's impossible to tell which is causing what. So the best way forward I feel, is to try progesterone first, and if it hasn't helped, or only partially, then try the T3/T4 route. Oestrogen slows the thyroid, so if oestrogen is high, a thyroid blood test will show low T4. But it's not because the thyroid can't make the T4, but that it's being impeded by oestrogen. Continued below

Dec 09, 2014
Feeling much better Part 2
by: Wray

Hi Cathie If you have Hashi's then it could be because you have low vitamin D levels, see here, here, here, here, here and here. Please have a test done, and please get your level up high, between 175 to 250nmol/L. Vitamin D is low in every autoimmune disease, in fact it makes me wonder if the so called autoimmune diseases are caused by nothing more than a lack of vitamin D. Oestrogen is always high too, and more women than men get autoimmune diseases, in some cases the ratio is as high as 9:1. This makes me wonder too! Please have a vitamin D test done. In case you'd like to see what you wrote previously, this is the link to your first page here. Take care Wray

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