Very Confused

by Ally

I had amenorrhea for more than 10yrs and I'm currently 30. I'm obese and have high-fasting blood sugar so my endocrinologist was quick to diagnose me with PCOS and prediabetes. I believe she is wrong, as my blood sugar is worse in the morning (fasted) and normal in response to food. I have anxiety and I think the cortisol eleveates my blood sugar in response to fasting which I've been inadvertently doing since I was a child (malnourished, stunted growth and prone to having really bad appetite and skipping meals).

Blood tests consistently show undetectable levels of progesterone. Ultrasounds can't confirm PCOS and my testosterone levels are only slightly high, with everything else being in range. She never tested my LH and refuses to test my thyroid hormones because my TSH is within range (according to Canadian standards).

I think my obesity is a symptom of my amenorrhea (since I was thin most of my life and without a period) rather than my amenorrhea being a symptom of my obesity. I think hypothalamic amenorrhea could be the explanation because of my anxiety and childhood starvation. I also believe I have weak adrenal function and hypothyroid (cannot lose weight despite being on a strict ketogenic diet and always cold in my hands and feet) but all my endocrinologist wants is for me to keep losing weight and exercising.

She gives me medroxyprogesterone every 3 months, 10mg for 10 days and though my period is very painful, after it's over I feel amazing. Like a new person. I'm always bloated but after the medroxyprogesterone I lose all water retention, have no appetite and my skin perks up and I start losing weight even while eating carbs. That quickly fades of course and I go back to what I assume is an estrogenic state.

The other problem is that I've used progesterone cream and oil (progest-e) before for 6 months for doses of up to 700mg to overcome symptoms and it made my life a living hell. I developed acne around my neck and jawline, gained weight in my midsection (my stomach has always been flat) and made me suicidal and extremely angry. I gained A LOT of weight and developed insulin resistance (characterized by acanthosis nigricans) which before progesterone therapy I didn't have.

I don't understand why I respond so well to a synthetic progesterone and had so much difficulty with natural progesterone (and I've tried several brands, including yours without success).

I blamed natural progesterone for the sharp downturn in my health but being on medroxyprogesterone made me rethink that. I was also on a low-fat and high-fasting diet at the time and this, in conjunction with the progesterone, was probably a very terrible idea.

I know that I am incredibly deficient and my endocrinologist is unwilling to help, but I'm also afraid of using natural progesterone given my experience. I read and reread information regarding using progesterone therapy but because I haven't had a period in so long it just makes me more confused.

What can I do?

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Jan 31, 2019
very confused
by: Justine

Hello Ally

I am not qualified to give you any expert advice but I would recommend reading these pages, perhaps you will find something helpful here:

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Anxiety attack symptoms

Wray's comments on this forum thread:
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PCOS & panic attacks

Wray's comments on this forum thread:
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Wrays comments on this forum thread

If you type anything you want to know more about into the google search bar on the Progesterone Therapy home page, you will be given a host of relative forum posts and web pages that may be helpful (note: look for the ones from

Perhaps finding a new endocrinologist for a second opinion if possible?

I do hope you find relief love!

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