PCOS and Panic Attacks

by Liz
(New York)

Hello, my name is Liz, I am a 33 year old female who was diagnosed with PCOS about three years ago. I experienced all the common symptoms, obesity, facial hair, no periods, and in my 30's loss of hair and now Panic attacks!

I experienced my first panic attack around May 1st this year and for 11 days I was in hell! I went to the ER twice, urgent care, saw my PCP and a Psychiatrist...none of the doctor's thought to ask me about my PCOS; therefore I had no clue the panic attacks and PCOS were related....

On the 11th day of dealing with this nightmare I literally felt INSANE! I could not stop my thoughts, they were just racing uncontrollably, I could not concentrate at all, didn't want to drive, could barely function....

On that day I decided to drink my medroxy progesterone which was prescribed to me to induce a period...I thought, "well maybe not having had a period for a while isn't helping matters so let me just take one"... Literally, within an hour I felt better...of course I was still mentally a wreck but it was the first night in 11 days that I had actually slept! I drank the pill everyday for about 10 days and not 1 panic attack...this then prompted me to contact my endocrinologist who then confirmed that panic attacks were normal if your body isn't producing progesterone so he put me on a natural progesterone hormone worked like a charm, until...

On the 30th of May I got my period and the panic attacks and anxiety returned, although not as intense and much more manageable.... the day after my period finished I felt "insane" again and that freaked me out and I thought, damn it this is never going to go away! ....but after that day I have not experienced a panic attack and my mind is completely calm, so my body feels totally balanced.

My concern is that yesterday I got my hormone levels checked and was told that my progesterone is really really low which indicates that I'm not absorbing it as much as I need to...where do I go from here? My endo does not present to be interested in treating the panic attacks (I have an apt with him on the 21st), but I get the feeling that he doesn't feel its necessary, in that case I really don't know what to do...should I just get on a cream myself? Or should I fight to be on a higher dose of progesterone? His nurse also mentioned that my BMI is 55 which maybe why I'm not absorbing it etc... It's like they have a one track mind about it.... I really want my life back, this has been the most disturbing month of my life and I feel sort of lost....

My email is, I look forward to everyone's input...


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Jun 11, 2016
PCOS and Panic Attacks
by: Wray

Hi Liz We do have 2 pages that cover both topics, please have a read through them, hopefully you'll find them helpful, they are.......

It doesn't surprise me you have a BMI of 55, PCOS is notorious at causing weight gain. It also doesn't surprise me you have low progesterone levels, most women with PCOS do not ovulate. Unfortunately we have been brainwashed into believing a low fat, high carb diet is best, when it couldn't be worse for us. Please consider eating a ketogenic diet. You'll find the symptoms you suffer from will gradually disappear, and the weight will melt away. You will never feel hungry either, which is the problem with all calorie restricted diets. Please see this paper.

This piece of history is interesting and encouraging, see here.
And these videos and articles are encouraging and enlightening too.....
video 1
video 2

We have found high amounts of progesterone are more effective than low, i.e. 400mg/day or more, although the webpage suggests 150-250mg/day. It is trial and error, some women do better on low amounts, some need very high. But combined with a high fat, low carb diet the results will be much quicker. You'll find the panic attacks will subside much quicker on the higher amounts.

Take care Wray

Jun 12, 2016
PCOS and Panic attacks
by: Anonymous

Thank you for all of the links, I have hope now!


Jun 16, 2016
I had the same thing with panic attacks
by: Anonymous

Liz hang in there - I had the same symptoms that you are experiencing 2 years ago and thank god I found this site !!

I started on Natpro 200mg per day split into morning 100 and night 100 - it helped right away and yet I had some slips but I just continued using it and after about 3 months I had no more panic at all - I have remained panic free and quite happy since then

I recently lowered my dose to 150 and then 100 mg per day and I'm still fine - under 100 and i start to get a little panicky so that's my threshold

It's a bit I of trial and error at first but don't be afraid follow how you fell Hope this helps :)

Jun 16, 2016
PCOS and Panic attacks
by: Anonymous

Hi there !!! Thank you! I'm realizing that there is a trend and these attacks right before and during my menstral, so going forward I will take my 200mg of progesterone and use some natpro as well to reduce the edge.... I'm positive about it 😀....Thank you immensely for reaching out!

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