by nicky

I have been on 200 mg daily of natural progesterone cream for two weeks.One breast is very sore and lumpy the other one is settling down. I also just got a bad UTI which is related to progesterone. I haven't had one in years. My feeling is I should increase natural progesterone to see if the breasts settle down. Also, wondering if estrogen dominance wake up can stimulate a UTI? Any advice appreciated. Nicky

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Jan 22, 2015
by: Diane

I do not believe the P cream gave you a UTI...UTIs are bacterial infections and P does not promote bacteria growth to settle in the bladder wall. I believe it's coincidental. Of course thinning skin internally (vaginal dryness) can be more prone to bacteria attaching to it it due to lack of lubrication therefore traveling up the urethra into the bladder and getting UTI....but P is not the CAUSE of your UTI.
You sound like your E dominant with the sx of breast lumpiness, tenderness. You are very early in your P therapy with only using it for 2 can increase dose and give it took over month for me to overcome my E dominance and all the ugly sx I had....anxiety, bloating, breast tenderness, insomnia, lack of energy, hair loss. Also you should get your Vit D levels checked..and iodine. I was in the sellar for both. Your D should be well over 50, ideally around 80. Low iodine can wreck havoc on our system too.
Most ALL my sx have improved greatly. I currently am settled on now 200mg P, 10,000iu D, and 12.5 iodine. Before you start any supplement, get tested. Also get Book by Dr Michael Platt, Miracle of Bioidentical Hormones. My moto is educate one self with accurate information. This website and his book are highly recommended.
Good luck,

Jan 25, 2015
by: RJ

Hello Nicky!
I too had this happen to me when I first started progesterone and I related it to its' use also. My true thoughts are it was all related to excessive estrogen. I haven't had one since I first began using progesterone three years ago. Take great as does Knudsen Just Juice (cranberry). Two weeks usage is not a long time for progesterone to go to work in your body. I was one year before I began seeing positive changes. Be patient and try that d-mannose. Wray recommended it when I first had troubles and it made a tremendous difference....actually had relief within a few hours. God Bless! RJ

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