Two miscarriages

by Sally
(South Africa)

I had two miscarriages after each other how long should I wait before we try again to conceive?

I have a healthy two year old boy. My first pregnancy was fine.
With the second pregnancy I lost the baby on 7 weeks. I have fallen pregnant two weeks after this just to lose the baby again on 7 weeks.

I am currently on the pill Yasmin but how soon can I try again to conceive. My docter recommended 6 months. I never had a normal cycle until I started to use the pill. Thanks.

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Oct 28, 2010
Two miscarriages
by: Wray

Hi Sally I would agree with your doctor, it gives the body time to recover. But I would not take that contraceptive. The only safe one is the copper T IUD, it leaks no synthetic oestrogen or progestin into the system, see here. These can upset the body badly, please see here. And for more info please see our page on Contraceptives. Miscarriages are often caused by a drop in progesterone levels, particularly if within the first 3 months. Please see our page on Pregnancy for more info on how to use progesterone. Please consider taking the following nutrients too 1000-2000mg/day taurine, 5000iu's/day vitamin D and 5000mg omega 3 fish, not cod liver oil, as this destroys vitamin D. These three nutrients are vital for a developing foetus, please see these for taurine here, here and here. And these for vitamin D here, here, here. And this one for omega 3 here. If you should consider using progesterone, it's better to start before you fall pregnant, as oestrogen dominance can occur, which is not what's needed in the early days of pregnancy. For more info please see our page on Oestrogen Dominance. Take care Wray

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