by L-Mark

I'm only on day 3 of supplementing progesterone and feeling worse and worse. I've spent hours on this site and everything you explain makes so much sense. I know it's what I need and I want to be successful.

If I had unlimited funds I would use Natpro exclusively but because of the cost, I am combining natpro with a cheaper currently I'm using a tsp of natpro in the morning and one at night. During the day I am using 3 doses of a cheaper brand ..... for a daily total of 528 (if my calculations are correct)

Because of the breast tenderness, flu like body aches and cramping (I am postmenopausal for five years) I am assuming I am triggering a major estrogen response.

My question is..does increasing more, cause more intense symptoms of estrogen dominance or will they be the same regardless of the dose I am taking? I'm willing to go as high as I need to but not sure if I should jump up in bigger increments to get relief. I neeed to be able to function!! My other question is since I am taking a large amount and probably going higher....does your body absorb it better spread out through the day or does it need a big bunch at once to knock out the estrogen dominence?

Thank you to anybody that reads all this and can help with moving forward.
P.S. is there a fb page where folks can post and get instant feedback from others? I do this with my thyroid issues and it works really well.

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Jan 14, 2014
P.s. againl
by: l-mark

One more thing. I'm already taking 10,000 vitD, dim,milk whistle, and just started your PCOS formula. I'm 56 and trying to get my androgens lowered. My ratio is 50. THANKS!

Jan 14, 2014
hang on
by: Margit


I can relate to your experience , as I myself have been through it,, even though i am not postmenopausal but i suffered from severe estrogen dominance. I went up to 800 to 900 mg daily in days in which i felt bad and these amounts were very helpful i did not had any side effects,,, i did not get sleepy, but rather relaxed! so i guess you dont have to worry of getting in more. i also used it through out the day , but i never used less than 200 mg at a time ! now after one year of using progesterone ( first prometrium then napro) i can honestly tell you that i am better than ever before! i still use natpro about 300 mg daily and sometimes when i am stressed i need more but never did i get these nasty symptoms again!! i am healthier than ever before! please also make sure that your d 3 intake is high enough!! when i feel flu like or nasty i take up to 100 000 iu for that day and i can tell that that really sorts me out . on a daily basis i take 5000 iu and every other week i take a dosis of about 50 000 iu to 100 000 iu to boost it a little. my blood results are still not high ,, so i guess i really needed these high amounts of d 3.again i have not had a flu in a year ( touch wood) and i am so much better when it comes to resistance!
i wish you a fast relief!
all the best,

Jan 15, 2014
Trying to hold on
by: Joy

Hi L-Mark

Please could you confirm something, are you saying that you have only been using progesterone for 3 days at the time you posted this? Or are you meaning supplementing with another brand for 3 days?

Progesterone is not an overnight fix, it can take anything from 2 to 6 months before positive results are felt, sometimes longer depending on how severe symptoms are. Please read How to use Progesterone Cream - see here. You are clearly suffering from Estrogen Dominance symptoms because you are using a brand that does not contain the correct amount of progesterone concentration. Because of this your calculations are way off. You really need to compare apples with apples.

I am a little puzzled at your comment about the cost. Natpro works out far cheaper than most of the other brands because the correct amount of progesterone concentration is in it, you do not need to use huge amounts. Please look at the brand that you are using and compare it to Natpro you will soon see that it is far cheaper. I am not sure what brand you are using but you would probably have to double the amount of that cream to reach the require amount. This does not make it cost effective at all.

Progesterone cream is best used twice a day, never use it all at once as levels will spike and the aim is to keep levels as stable as possible. If one is suffering from severe hot flushes, it is recommended that the cream be used a few more times during the day.

Hope this helps you.

Jan 26, 2014
by: beth

I was so reluctant to up my dosage too, Wray kept telling me that I needed more or I was just going to stay in a constant state of estrogen dominance, she was right. I couldn't afford the cream but luckily I found a dr who would prescribe me prometrium 200mg, I started out doing 400mg of it and felt terrible for 3 weeks, everything got worse and magnified. I told the dr I thought we should push through the symptoms and up the dose, he had me taking 800mg a day! I feel so blessed to have him listen and work with me.

I took it straight through my period every single day and by month 2, I woke up one day and felt so much better. The vertigo and migraines were gone, the fatigue was lifted and I actually feel a twinge of my libido returning, not alot but its a start. i started my period yesterday and i didnt even know it was coming, not a sign at all!! Today I did start to feel a little headache and dizzy, so i am taking extra today and it is gone again. Progesterone helps!! It seems like it isn't going to and that it is making you worse, but keep taking it, slather that stuff on and push through it, add even MORE if you can, it will speed things alot faster for most people it seems. I will be praying for you a speedy recovery!!!

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