by Tracy Whittle
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I was diagnosed with Lupus at age 40 (at the onsite of most of my symptoms). I went the conventional route with steroids for about 10 years but didn't feel any better. I started doing my research and found Progesterone cream (Progest). I've been using it for 2 years with no break. Most of my symptoms are alleviated but I still am suffering from a few. I don't have the night sweats anymore but have a problem with hair loss on my head but hair on my face. I still also have breast pain. I am now two months period free and have developed blemishes on my face. I visited this site because I believe in progesterone cream (Lupus symptoms gone) but believe that I need to switch my cream to get the best results and wondering if Natpro is that cream. I've just been given a prescription for Prempro and am sometimes desperate enough to fill it. Help????? Thanks in advance.

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Jul 20, 2015
by: Joy

Hi Tracy

I am so pleased that you switched to progesterone however, you still have a few symptoms because you are not using enough progesterone. The cream that you are using does not deliver the amount needed, you will need to either double or triple the amount used. Please look at Natpro, it will work out cheaper for you and it delivers the correct amount of progesterone. Please read

Hair loss could be due to a number of things:

* not enough progesterone is being used
* excess estrogen
* stress
* testosterone level could be too high

Hair on your face however, indicates PCOS, have you been tested? It would also explain your blemishes. Please do not take Prempro, all drug based HRT have a potential to cause harm, it will only make your problems worse.

Do you know what your vitamin D3 level is as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is vital for your symptoms.

Hope this helps.

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