Too Much Stress...and panic...

by Dawn

Hi Wray-I need help here. I started peri-menopause badly about two years ago(I'm 46)
I've had estrogen dominance for much longer
than that-since I was 29 (after the birth of my son). I have never had such panic attacks
in my life, until last year. It's usually
something to do with my son(he's 17)-it started last Feb. when he got a bad case of
the flu. I'd never seen him so sick before
and I've been constantly worried about his
health since then. I'm always afraid he's
sick-I wasn't like this before-this is crazy.
Then in Sept.,he wrecked his car-thank God
he was fine. The car not so much. Anyway,I
can take heavy clotting periods and hot
flashes but not these horrible panic attacks.
The progesterone creme got rid of all that
and I'm grateful and generally feel alot
better but I started having panic attacks
after I had been using the alot of creme
every single day. Since I've been typing
this, I've felt two different attacks come on
triggered by my son. I used progesterone
creme and ammino vitamins to blunt the force-
it worked. My son is an only child and is
absolutely driving me crazy with worry-
when I don't have to deal with him I'm pretty
much ok. Both my husband and son drive me
nuts and I don't get enough "quality" time
alone. I hate this horrible adrenaline feeling
what can I do to make this go away?

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Nov 04, 2011
Too Much Stress...and panic...
by: Wray

Hi Dawn It sounds as if you had post natal depression after having your son, although you are quite right calling it Oestrogen Dominance. Progesterone drops sharply after birth sending about 25% of women into some form of depression. From the baby blues to post natal psychosis. Very large amounts of progesterone are needed in these cases. Dr Dalton gave up to 800mg/day for severe PMS and PND, and 2400mg/day for post natal psychosis. Stress also drops progesterone levels sharply, hence your reaction to your son. It's essential to use sufficient to overcome the panic, progesterone is very calming and excellent for panic attacks. It activates the GABA receptor sites, GABA is a calming neurotransmitter. When you say a lot of cream, how much progesterone are you getting? I normally recommend 100-200mg/day, but in your case you'd probably need far higher initially. Please make sure your blood glucose is stable too, if this drops too suddenly it can cause a panic attack. It's best to avoid all sugars, even the hidden ones in starchy, sweet fruit and veggies, and in particular grains. You are now in Peri-menopause which is such a difficult time as it is, without the added worries you have. Please have a vitamin D test done, a low level affects blood glucose and reduces the benefits of progesterone. For more info on testing etc see the Vitamin D Council, GrassrootsHealth Birmingham Hospital and Vitamin D Links websites. Blood levels should be 70-100ng/ml and not the 30ng/ml labs and doctors regard as adequate. And the minimum daily dose should be 5000iu's per day, although the latest research indicates it should be 10,000iu's per day, see here. Take care Wray

Nov 04, 2011
Thank You Wray-You are blessing
by: Dawn L.

Hi Wray, Thanks for getting back to me so fast. You always hit the nail on the head and hearing from you makes me feel alot better. I definitely had post-partum depression and there was no Dr. to really help (they just write prescriptions). I just muddled through with xanex and later prozac. About 2 years later I had a miscarrige-
because of very low progesterone levels- I believe. I wish I would have known about bioidentical progesterone then... I use alot of progesterone creme as needed all day long - I don't measure it. When I don't use enough I can tell. I take vitamin D3(5000),suntan,and take a multi-vitamin with 100 mg of D.

I had asked you another question about spotting-which I did for the week that was supposed to be my period. It then stopped for two days, then started again only to stop. I figured it was the stress causing it-from panic attacks ect. Do I need to measure how much creme I use or keep track-I go through about 4 oz. in about 3 days or so. Thank you for your help - you are an angel.

Nov 08, 2011
Thank You Wray-You are blessing
by: Wray

Hi Dawn, Thanks for the kind words! The spotting is undoubtedly caused by stress, it can really upset the cycle. In fact it can stop ovulation and cause miscarriages too. I had five of them, before having my daughter. Looking back I now realise they were all caused by stress, even sudden stress can do it. I tried to stop a dog fight when I was 6 weeks pregnant, and miscarried about 2hrs later. I'm pleased you're taking 5000iu's/day vitamin D, but would ask you to have a test done. Like progesterone, vitamin D also drops sharply when stressed. In fact in one paper I've read the victim was in a car crash, and her previous high level of 90ng/ml dropped to 34ng/ml within hours. It could be you need to take a far higher level than 5000iu's due to your stress level, but unless you have a test you won't know. I can't advise you on the progesterone question, as 4oz in 3 days doesn't help me. I need to know either how much progesterone you're using, or the strength of the cream. It does appear to be a low strength for you to have to use 4 oz in 3 days. A link I should have given you is for our page on Anxiety. Please read through it as they are a number of nutrients you can try which should help. Take care Wray

Nov 08, 2011
Amount of USP Progesterone
by: Dawn L.

Hi again Wray-1/4 teaspoon=20 mg.of progesterone
USP. I had mostly been using Emerita and I've
lowered my usage just a tad. I feel pretty well-
which I really had not alot of my adult life-
except when I was pregnant with my son and about
a day or two before my period would start (until
I hit my forties. I don't know how you got through six miscarriages-one was way too much for
me. God Bless you for the work you do.

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