thyroid autoimmune disease

by Angela
(South Africa)

I am struggling with thyroid autoimmune disease (high T4) and menopause at the same time - so my hormone levels are going up and down and I have phases where I feel good (almost "normal") and phases where I am depressed, exhausted and have symptoms like incontinence, hot flushes.... which I treat with mainly supplements, phytotherapy and homoeopathy, all working fine with enough patience. The cycles of feeling very down are off course not great and are ongoing for 2 years now. My thyroid levels came down but are still above normal.
My question: should I try progesterone or would this possibly upset my thyroid ?? I know that Thyroxine and female hormones are closely linked and would not like to activate my thyroid.
Maybe you can give me some insight and know of patients with the same problem who have used progesterone?

Kind regards

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Feb 11, 2012
thyroid autoimmune disease
by: Wray

Hi Angela Progesterone won't affect the thyroid adversely. But a lack of vitamin D affects it adversely, see here, here and here. A lack of the amino acid tyrosine too, this is the precursor to the two thyroid hormones T3 and T4. A lack of selenium in the diet prevents the conversion of T4 to T3, iodine is essential too. Have they checked your levels? See here and here. Excess oestrogen causes incontinence, see our page on HRT for more info. Hot flushes are also helped by progesterone, although I've found 400mg/day is normally needed. My usual recommendation for general adverse symptoms is 100-200mg/day. Please have a vitamin D test done. We do have a distributor in SA who could give you advice on progesterone, vitamin D and testing too, if you'd like to contact her, please do so via her website here. Take care Wray

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