Testosterone and oestrogen

by Wendy Rogers
(South Africa)

I am on the pill, 41 years old and still having a period. My body has stoped producing testosterone and oestrogen. A pharmacist has suggested that I try progesterone cream before I use oestrogen pills and testostrone injections.

Will progestrone help my body start generation of oestrogen and testosterone by itself again?

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Oct 27, 2009
Testosterone and oestrogen
by: Wray

Hi Wendy. The pill stops all ovarian function. Your progesterone will be very low too, as you will not be ovulating. It's only after we ovulate we make progesterone in the ovaries. I would ask you to consider coming off the pill, the dangers are not worth it, you might like to see this web page.

Please consider getting the copper T IUD, but not the IUD which has a synthetic progestin impregnated in it which is much favoured by doctors, but equally as bad as the pill. I don't believe you need either oestrogen or testosterone. I've helped too many women wean off these to realise they have little benefit. Progesterone is the precursor to both these hormones, and has many other benefits too. You might like to do the questionnaire we have to see if you need progesterone... see the right margin of this page. Take care, Wray

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