Teratoma's just removed and Progesterone cream is causing awful swelling, more or less?

by Sarah

I love this site and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping women like myself understand what our bodies need. I have always been in tune with mine but never found the right answers regarding my sever pms until I found out about estrogen dominance and what a big role it plays in our cycle.

I'm 32
Had (2) 7mm Teratoma cysts removed from each ovary in June 2014
Since puberty I've had a cycle ranging from 35 to 60 days
I've always experienced intense PMS especially water gain, usually 8 - 10 pounds of water and up to 2 cup sizes in breast swelling and sever tenderness for up to a month.

Recently I had surgery to remove two Teratomas and I finally had a normal period, for 4 months after it was like clockwork at 28 - 30 days, first time in my life!! I was ecstatic, but the extreme swelling, irritability, low sex drive, horrible PMS etc did not stop. Though it did decrease to only about 6 days pre.

I started using the cream last month (20 mg per day) and I didn't swell up, it was great, but after I stopped for the break and started my period.. I did. I'm still swollen and keep gaining water weight. I'm at day 18 of my second cycle using the cream (now 40mg per day and started as advised on day 14) Also around day 14 of the second cycle when I started the cream again I started having cramps that have continued as well as a severe yeast infection.

Am I taking too little? Did I start too low and now my body is in estrogen overload? I'm just trying to find out if I need to go up or down to get through this. I don't want to stop, I know my body needs this and it takes time but I would really appreciate advice on which way to go with this.

Also, I live in the North Pole... but am in South America for 2 months to get some sunshine.

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Mar 24, 2017
by: Karli

I'm not sure how old your post is or if you've gotten your answer. Wray recommends no less than 200mg per day. And higher if your swelling will not decrease. Or any other estrogen dominant symptom. I used 900mg per day at my worst! Do not be afraid of progesterone.

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