Swelling with progestone

by Linse
(Seattle )

my doctor started me off in August 2014 on progesterone. We tried oral but it seemed to heavy so we used the prometrium as a typical. Things went great from there, I lost weight, felt more energized etc.

Fast forward to December/January and all that hands, feet, and breasts swell at even the slightest use of progestone. Not to mention my stomach gets distended. I hv tewts my hormones and I am still deficient in progesterone so I am unsure of what to do, all I know is that taking it for the last 7 months has been nothing but miserable.

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Jun 14, 2015
by: Diane

Lynse have stated you started out with oral P but that you and your dr decided it was too much. Its not clear to me in your message, but are you using cream P now? What is the total dose you are using per day? It sounds like you're estrogen dominant. Oral P has the least absorbancy.. Maybe 10% due to its destruction in the gut. You minimally need to be on 100-200mg daily maybe more of Progesterone cream. I am on 250-300 daily. 100mg Am, 50-100mg Noon, 100mg Pm. Also, have you had your Vit D checked? Needs to be atleast 80 and higher on your labs. What about your thyroid function? Have dr check TSH, FREE T3, FREE T4, Iodine...
Hope all this helps.

Jul 13, 2015
finger inflamation
by: Anonymous

I have swelling in my fingers and resent bouts of psoriasis on my head and stomach. I've somewhat got the psoriasis under control at this time. I am 68 and was wondering if all of this was a result of taking 100mg of topical progesterone cream.

Jul 15, 2015
by: Diane

Dear Anonymous~
Having worked for a bioidentical hormone speciality, I have never in the hundreds of patients seen psoriasis as a side effect of progesterone. Have you had your vitamin D checked? Optimum Vitamin D level is so important in preventing auotimmune diseases. Your level should atleast be 80 and higher. Forget the lab range 30-100. It should be closer to 100 (and can be higher) than closer to 30. I hope that helps.
Take care.

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