Sudden tooth problems - estrogen or vitamin D excess?

by Anon
(England )

I've never had major dental issues until recently. Suddenly I am seeing tiny cavities inside my top and bottom back teeth and a few tiny spots forming inbetween teeth!!!

This has happened quickly over the past 6 months. I clean them religiously as I always have and it's not due to excess sugar. In fact I ate a worse diet when I had zero tooth issues in younger years!

I've only noticed this since starting the progesterone. I feel like all I'm doing is stimulating estrogen (and testosterone) as I can not help my symptoms. Using more just makes me lose hair too. So I'm just wondering if this extra stimulated estrogen can be affecting my teeth like this.

I've also been on high doses of vitamin d for almost a year and a half. I started at 20,000iu then stuck to 10,000. I can't afford to check my level again. Can vitamin d excess affect teeth like this? Does anyone know?

I just read some disturbing things about too much vitamin d. One was a study on cats that have 30 times the amount of vitamin d from their food as they don't make it in their skin, and their teeth issues are terrible! It includes resorption - I am experiencing this!

I am terrified as I have no money for the dentist. I don't want to lose my teeth as well as my hair.

I also took vitamin k on and off in phases, maybe I need more of this?

I'm terrified I have screwed with hormones too much and am going to lose all my teeth as well as my hair.

Does anyone know anything about teeth in relation to hormones and excess vitamin d, or anything else? Or has anyone experienced anything similar.

I must need 8 fillings and I only had 2 done in the past 10 plus years!

I have no idea what I'm going to do or how to explain this to my partner. (In my thirties btw)

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May 15, 2017
The 4 Nutrition Amigos
by: Jayem

Hi - D3 supplement and K2 (M7 or K complex is best) are 2 companions in "The Four Nutrition Amigos"...

K2, D (natural or supplemental), calcium (from food sources) and magnesium operate together in your favor, so if one is out of whack, we run into problems...

K2 has two jobs (easy to remember = K-TWO)

First, It acts as the "doorman" to calcium (the "club" being your body) letting calcium in to be used for teeth or bone only (which is what you want)

Second, K2, once calcium gets a pass into "the club", acts as the bouncer- "chasing" out calcium if it becomes a troublemaker and sending it on it's way via urine (see: calcification of the arteries and kidney stones)

So, even low doses of K2 (45mcg) could be something you may want to employ - OR get it from real food (grass fed beef and dairy, as well as plant derived) ...

Remember - Magnesium is critical too !! Wanna cheap way to get your Mag up? Epsom salt foot soaks, buy kitty litter trays at the dollar store (something you can soak your feet in) and epsom salt from grain/animal supply store (sold cheaply in bulk, minus the sexy packaging we see sold for humans, just make sure it's 100% epsom salt) - 1.5 - 2 cups in warm/hot water everyday 45 mins - 1.5 hours (while watching TV, etc - whatever you do that puts you sitting for 45mins - 1.5 hours)

So so so much info on the web that you could research about these critical nutrients - just be safe with them all - K2, for example, could be a no no if you have any conditions or meds that thin the blood, and most people get plenty of calcium via diet, so docs have come away from suggesting supplements (see: calcification of the arteries) ...

"Magic Mud" for teeth - check that woman's store out about how her daughter was born without enamel, so she invented a charcoal based toothpaste and... (check it out for full story)

best of luck, I have no ins, and am struggling financially too, so i get the DIY thing !

May 16, 2017
Sudden tooth problems - estrogen or vitamin D excess
by: Joy

I have never heard of progesterone or vitamin D3 causing tooth cavities, quite the opposite actually. If progesterone caused tooth decay, then every single pregnant woman would be walking around with cavities as they produce large amounts of progesterone while pregnant. How much progesterone are you using per day?

Do be careful where you read your information as there is a minefield of misinformation out there. Vitamin D3 is excellent for our teeth, read this:

Whilst you are taking vitamin K, are you taking enough Magnesium? This is a vital co-factor for vitamin D3.

How Vitamin D3 co-factors work:

While vitamin D3 helps you absorb calcium from your diet, vitamin K2 directs your body to deposit the calcium in the appropriate places. In other words, it's the vitamin K2 that tells your body to deposit calcium in your bones and teeth, and not in your organs, arteries, muscles or soft tissue.
An effective analogy is that vitamin D3 is your gatekeeper, allowing the admission of calcium, and vitamin K2 is the traffic cop, telling the calcium where to go. With vitamin D3 and calcium you'll have the traffic, but without vitamin K2 you'll have a traffic jam and calcium being deposited exactly where you don't want it — in your arteries. Then magnesium keeps it there!

Sounds like you might be suffering from osteoporosis? Have you had this tested? One can take all the calcium in the world, but without D3, and the co-factors K2 and Magnesium, almost all of the calcium just gets flushed down the drain, literally! That drain being the arteries!

Perhaps visit the Vitamin D Council - Periodontal disease.

I hope this helps you.

How to use Progesterone Cream -

Estrogen Dominance -

Vitamin D3 -

Magnesium -

May 16, 2017
Sudden tooth problems
by: Kaye

This is very interesting. I'm not a doc, but I do have thyroid issues! AND you definitely could be having this issue too as estrogen affects thyroid. Teeth? Not so sure. Umm they are made of minerals so would check that and cavities are from bacteria which shouldn't be your problem as you say you clean them often.

Do you take VA? I do know people with low VA have no enamel to protect the teeth. Not sure this is helpful and you don't say how much prog. you are taking. Have you tried to reduce estrogen using dim or calcium d.? How about iodine to reduce estrogen and help thyroid?

Are you under stress? could be adrenals too.

You have my sympathy as I am estrogen dominant and am trying to reduce it so the balance of estrogen to progesterone is better.

Tough sometimes cuz it doesn't seem to ever clear out for me.

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