Hi Wray, checking in to see if you may know when Natpro may be back in stock. Are there other internet distributors? Any distributors in Minnesota?


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Aug 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have also been trying to get some NATPRO for 3 months now. I have left my info a couple of times and they are supposed to let me know when it arrives. As of today, still no notice and, every time I try to order, it shows out of stock. What is the deal ???

Aug 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

They've been out for three months!!? What am I going to do? I've been on 2.5 teaspoons of natpro daily for three years and no other cream comes close to the quality. Other creams are weaker and sticky-feeling. Feeling slightly panicky now!!

Aug 20, 2014
out of stock
by: jane

I am getting really anxious, too, as Natpro has been out of stock for at least 2 months and there is no way of finding out when it will be back in stock. I live in England and Natpro is superior to any other brand I have tried. Does anybody know when it will be back in stock?

Aug 22, 2014
Natpro stock
by: Jules van Schalkwyk

I keep a stock of Natpro for my clients. Perhaps I can help you until more stock reaches the distribution centre.
Please contact me on

Sep 12, 2014
Stock still out?
by: Louise

I have been trying for a while to purchase NatPro as well. My daughter and I use it daily and we are seriously running out.

I'm so glad to see Wray back on the site!

Sep 13, 2014
Stock still out?
by: Wray

Hi Loiuse Bless you for the kind words! I'm not sure who's more concerned, me or the customers who use Natpro. It was a simple cash flow problem, but it's now sorted out. We made a double batch of cream 2 weeks ago, and will be making another double batch next week. This is a total of 10,000 tubes, which I hope will ensure enough stock for all, plus prevent any further stock outs. We had hoped stock would be in the fulfilment house by Friday, but now it's the weekend, none will arrived until Monday earliest. If you are desperate, please contact Julienne in the UK via
Take care Wray

Sep 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

Wray, does this mean that the price is going to go back down when you buy 20 or more tubes?

Sep 14, 2014
by: Wray

Hi there I would hope the discount gets re-introduced when enough stock is available. We had cash flow problems, now resolved. We've just made a double batch of cream and will be making another double batch next week. This totals 10,000 tubes which I hope will cover immediate needs and prevent a further stock out. Although I do know there are 600 people who want to be informed when it's arrived. If all 600 want 20 tubes each, that will clear out all stock! Take care Wray

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