Still riding this nightmare

by Pam Beauchamp
(Big Spring, Texas)

I am 60 years old. I had my HPA axis shut down at 57. My HPA axis is recovering. I do have the saliva tests and blood serum levels on both. I have had a complete hysterectomy. I would love to get help with the progesterone dosing. I am wondering if I can send you the results and get help that way. I have been placed on HRT and not super happy with it. I am going to stop the testosterone and see if I feel better. I do get indigestion and my mouth burns. I think it is the testosterone. I will leave that out tomorrow and see how it goes. I will lower the estrogen and increase the progesterone. All of the HRT is creams. I just keep trying, but am alone in this since my Dr. does not seem to understand how hormones make us feel bad. He expects me to feel better. That is not happening. I have had my blood work done again to check the thyroid. It looks like my thyroid is in the normal low range. Is it possible to send my saliva and blood test to you and get help with my hormones? I don't really know how to read the saliva testing, but need some help with it. On the HRT replacement, I feel I might be estrogen dominant. I could sure use help with this.



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Aug 19, 2014
Hope this sends you in the right direction
by: Letitia

I have twice gone through a very bad hormone imbalance, I am a couple of years younger that yourself. I also use Bio-HRT, there is a great book out there you can get on Amazon called Dr Lee's
Hormone balance made simple, the John R Lee MD and Virgina Hopkins this book helped me beyond words to get on track as I felt my doctors were hopeless.
I also used ZRT labs for my saliva testing with the results they give you a written report based on your symptoms of what is out of balance and what you need to do to get in balance, I order the tests myself so I can get the results as well as my Dr who sometimes did not know who to read them,if you can believe that. There are also questionaires in this book that you can take to narrow down some of the issues and suggestions on how to deal with them

I hope this helps a little, keep me posted

Aug 27, 2014
Still on this ride.
by: Anonymous

Hi Letita,

Thanks for your input and suggestions with the books. From the reading I have done with Dr. Lee. He is really high on the Wylie Protocol, which includes estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone. I am not have good results with this protocol. I will see what I can find. I have been reading and find pros and cons with progesterone. I think for some women this works well. I do know before my hysterectomy I was estrogen dominant, and for some reason adding estrogen, my receptors really light up. I want to try the NATPRO, but afraid to. Do you use it, and if so what kind of luck have you had.

Thank you for helping me.


Aug 28, 2014
by: Anonymous

No I do not use Natpro I use 50 mgs of Progestorone that is compounded by a pharmacy, however I have used over the counter prog. before at the same strength and been okay. I to have tendency towards estrogen dominance therefore that is why i try to balance with the progesterone. I do not use testosterone as I use 5 mgs of DHEA, which for me converts to estrogen as well as testosterone so when I have my levels checked I have enough. I believe in only giving my body what it needs. I supplement with bi-est a very low dosage. My experience is this is like nothing else, we constantly have to moniter and tweek every 6 months
I find that if I use more progesterone than 50 I feel like I am in the first 3 months of pregnancy all the same symptons, I made a decision for myself that I was to old for that nonsense any more, so I moniter myself and trying to go for a 2-3 hundred to one ratio of estrogen to progesterone that is what I have done. Hope this helps as it does not agree with all that Wray says but we are all different and absorb and react differently.

Aug 28, 2014
previous comment
by: Letitia

Pam, forgot to add my name to my previous comment hope this helps


Aug 30, 2014
Thank you, I am going to try something new.
by: Anonymous


Thank you for the information. I am on the Wylie Protocol and it is definitely making me estrogen dominant. The progesterone, I have to add daily or the estradiol really gets high for me. My receptors light up. I went to the health food store and have purchased BiEstro-Care. It has estriol 80 and estradiol 20. Giving me a 80/20 ratio of estrogen. I also purchased Pro . Gest and will add that too. I am concerned that Drs. try to treat all patients equal and we are not. They seem to have a hard time regulating anyone that is not very young. I am going this on my own too. The progesterone cream I am currently on, keeps me awake. It is a yam cream. I am one big mess on the hormones, but I am about to give up on the Drs. I will try this one and see how I do, after that, if it does not work, I will be starting over. I just want to pull my hair out, but it falls out enough on its own. I hope you can get yourself regulated and I am on the same mission. Arg, Drs. Thank you for the information. I do believe I may be on the right track. Not too sure about the estriol, but going to give it a try.

Thank you for commenting and the information you have provided.


Aug 31, 2014
hang in there
by: Letitia

I thought you could only get bi-est via a drs prescription. I would be wary of using estrogen that is not via a pharmacy. I will take alook at the one you are using. my bi-est is compounded by a compond pharmacy for me, it costs me 55 per month.
I have used the progestrone you bought and had good luck with it.
My hair thinned out when I was estrogen dominent also and when I got into balance it started to come back.
I found when I started using more progesterone that my estrogen lighted up also, but this resolved itself within 90 days.

If you look at your saliva results it may tell you what you are lacking, or getting to much of, if you know how to read them.
there is a web site for ZRT labs our of beaverton oregon,, that is where I send my saliva for testing as I can do it on my own, anyway they have a lot of information for us on that web site you may want to go and take a look and see what you think.
hang in there Pam

Sep 02, 2014
Thank you Letitia
by: Anonymous

Thank you again. Yes, I questioned the ability of the BiEstro Care. I did some research and reviews of the product. It is an 80/20 ratio. Estriol contains 24mg and 6mgs. of estradiol per ounce. I am having really good luck with this. I have discovered the estradiol is what has been so inflammatory for my body. Which, is what the Drs. put me on. That is why I had so much trouble. I can tell you it is working for me. The research I did and the reviews were very promising. I have done the compounding pharmacies, but the Drs. don't seem to have a clue bout balance. I am on this journey with you. I will let you know the outcome. My next step is calling the company and trying to get help with balance and the progesterone. The progesterone, which is yam extracted seems to keep me awake. I don't know why, but it does. I have yet to get this one figured out. I will research the stigmasterol which is in Wray's product. But concerned about availability for her product. I will let you know how this goes. Thank you for all the information you have given me. I did read another post that says progesterone from the yam can be converted into estrogen. Humm, I just don'e know on that issue.

Thank you,


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