Still fat from progesterone; blood tests for estrogen dominance?

by Laura
(British Columbia)

About a year and a half ago my naturopath prescribed 300 mg oral progesterone nightly to help with my severe chronic insomnia. She also prescribed estriol cream to be used 1 gramme two times a week.

I immediately put on weight -- horrible, blubbery weight in my bust and on the front of my stomach. I have always been tiny. I have also always been able to lose weight whenever I want to.

I look like a pregnant whale.

I've been reading on these forums about how I must somehow be estrogen dominant -- but what is the blood test for this?

What blood tests would I need, and what would the numbers have to look like in order to determine that I am, in fact, estrogen dominant?

Because I am in Canada I cannot just start playing around with my prescription medications. I have to be able to justify to my doctor the need to change my hormone balance.

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Jun 26, 2016
Progesterone for insomnia ,'still fat'
by: Marilyn

I read about your taking 300 ml progesterone nightly to alleviate insomnia. That's a gross over dose! It down regulates your other hormones except cortisol. No wonder you are gaining weight! You likely don't need more than 30 or 40 ml twice daily depending on your age, health and weight. I'm 60. I am 160 lb. I use 40 ml bioidentical progesterone morning and evening, plus I take a little. Estrogen as well.

Jul 03, 2016
Thanks, but
by: Anonymous

Thanks, Marilyn.

I started with a much lower dose, but it didn't help the insomnia. We worked up my dose until I started sleeping.

Also, if you read the comments here, most people seem to recommend higher doses of progesterone to overcome estrogen.

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