Starting Progesterone Cream, Massive Water Retention

by Chasta
(Ohio, USA )

Hello Wray
My blood tests showed that my progesterone level is 0.4 compared to an estrogen level of 115. It does not say the unit of measure, BUT I have felt extremely estrogen dominant my entire reproductive life. I am 30 years old, and had my uterus, tubes, and cervix removed at 27 due to excessive and uncontrolled bleeding. Since then, I have gained 30 pounds and have serious water retention issues that Lasix does not help. I have been treated for adrenal burnout and take Cortef as needed. My water retention seems very unrelated to the steroids however. In fact, when I began steroid treatment, I lost three pounds.

I decided to try progesterone cream as a last resort, and give it a real go. I have been taking 180mg of cream in three 60 mg doses. It sure seems like a LOT of cream. Today is my 7th day. I have gained 6 pounds and my breasts are swollen, heavy, and tender. I've tried progesterone cream in the past, but could not get past this flare up symptoms. I dont know if I can make it too many more weeks feeling this way. I cannot button my jeans at this point.
Any suggestions?


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Feb 28, 2014
Starting Progesterone Cream, Massive Water Retention
by: Joy

Hi Chasta

Wray is currently on sabbatical and will not be replying to any emails or posts on her website until she returns.

How tragic that they removed your uterus etc at age 27!!! I know that if Wray reads this she would have a ‘frothy’, and they did this for excessive bleeding? All they had to do was read the research papers to find out how to resolve this by using progesterone, vitamin D and amino acids.

Your weight gain/water retention is all due to Estrogen Dominance as you correctly mentioned. Estrogen is a mitogen causing cells to proliferate. What progesterone cream are you using because if the incorrect progesterone concentration is used, it will again cause more weight gain etc - see this cream. Please rub the cream on your breasts it will help to ease the pain as progesterone is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Progesterone therapy is not an overnight fix, it takes time, but if used correctly, symptoms will clear soon enough. Please read How to use Progesterone Cream. You might like to look at the Ketogenic Diet which is excellent for loosing weight, Ketogenic Diet a high protein and fat diet is the secret.

A Vitamin D deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone, do you know what your level is? If not please consider have a test done as it is connected to every single cell in our bodies, it is vital to get your vitamin D level up.

Hope this helps you.

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